Trader Joe’s Chocolate Advent Calendars

The time has arrived for the daily dose of chocolate. For years I have fought against them, tried to hide them, even bribed my kids not to buy them but… I can’t win. They want the chocolate.


Trader Joe’s makes a calendar for under $2 with 24 small pieces of chocolate hidden behind numbered flaps. When I realized that it was less chocolate than a Hershey’s Kiss (that was the kind of advent calendar I grew up on) I settled down and just enjoyed watching my daughter in her delight.


I also started Big Picture Holiday today. I also have a new fan page for my photography biz on facebook too if you like to get updates please fan me.


  1. says

    Woman, keep your blogs straight – I don’t know what to bookmark anymore! :-p So, no more WP photo blog? I checked out your new page – I like! Will check out the fan page on FB later!

    • modchik says

      The old photoblog on is not active. I moved my stuff over to my own HOSTED WordPress blog, so I could customize it much like this one. So there are only 2 (well actually I have 3 but we won’t go there)… Don’t worry I’ll still post photos here all the time!


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