InstaFriday | Food play

Today is not only InstaFriday but it also Peanut Butter Pie for Mikey day. I have food and loss of a loved one on my mind and as soon as I hit publish on this I will turn around and share the story and the collaborative behind the Peanut Butter Pie at In Jennies Kitchen <– this is a tough one to watch.

Here we go its been a crazy week, it was nice to force myself to slow to a stop and back with my son and remember how precious life is.

Peanut butter pie for Mikey - life is fragile

Made Peanut Butter Pie in honor of Jennies husband Mike (In Jennies Kitchen)

Because food should be played with

Don't cross me

San Diego for BlogHer conference – almost 4000 bloggers in one place!

Polaroids, #Sparklecorn and #aceofcakes the end.
Ace of Cakes brought their A game to SPARKLECORN – this was the cake behind the barricade. Taken with my MIO Polaroid – do yo self a favor click and watch the fun we had!


Feathered at the Fashion File Party with Plum District — I forgot and brushed it out the next day. waaaaaa!
#Manhole just sounds weird A self imposed time out I went walking and contemplated the word ‘manhole‘ bizarre.

I don’t like grocery shopping period.

Soft spot

always a soft spot for a glasses shop, always.

the end.

I have a whole set on Flicker dedicated to my iPhoneography and for more inspiration visit InstaFridays (AND JOIN THE INSTA-MADNESS) on LifeRearranged every Friday.


  1. jeannett says

    i heard about the peanut butter pie thing but hadn’t yet checked it out…off to do that now.

    thanks for linking up!

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