Mikey’s Creamy Peanut Butter Pie

I was on facebook the other day and something caught my eye, there was a link being shared with the lead in photo of a wedding ring and the words memorial. My heart sank as I read Jennies post about the sudden and recent passing of her husband Mikey. Her husband was also a father. Watch the video of him dancing with his daughter, my husband does the same thing, it must be a daddy-daughter thing they instinctually do, I love this.

She asked that tonight on Friday everyone make a peanut butter pie because that was Mikey’s favorite. Jennie’s cooking blog and her story has spread like wildfire through out the blogging community and beyond. As I typed the words Mikey and Peanut I couldn’t even get to the word BUTTER without hundreds of links and the top on was CNN! This is when I am so happy to be in the company of such compassionate and caring women (and yes you too men bloggers I know you are out there, Ben). I know this is late notice but maybe the next time you have a hankering of something smooth and sweet you’ll make Mikeys favorite pie and hug the ones you love while you enjoy.

I made my son and his friend assist me today a collaborative effort much like all the blogger tonight eating peanut butter pie.  For a list of all the thousands of bloggers who joined in visit the Food Network post.

This is Jennie’s recipe.


The best part was that the boys photographed the entire process, baking with them was a lot of fun who would have thought pie would help me bond with a teenager! Thank you Jennie for letting us in and getting of glimpse of the love you have for your husband.

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  1. this recipe is going straight into the hands of my wife (since I am not good at cooking:)) thanks for posting

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