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September 29th, 2011 is the day I updated to Instagram ver 2.0 and I have been unhappy ever since. I have begged the founders @mikey and @kevin to PLEASE #bringoldfiltersback and yet nothing changed. I can’t imagine they would want to scrap the entire app and start again new but with that update it sure felt like it. I was excited for the new apps but HORRIBLY distraught to see they had changed Earlybird and Toaster, people were referring to the new filter as Deadbird.

Old Toaster vs. new.

I soon began realizing that many IG folks weren’t updating, they were flaunting that beautifully toasted photo in all its its thatched deep sea blue glory. I could take it no more so I began to research how to get the old instagram back.

Turns out its very easy and here’s how you do it.

1. You need to look in your Trash (mac) or Recycle Bin (PC) for the old version of Instagram (ver 1.9). When you update your apps the old versions are automatically placed in the trash, they will be there as long as you don’t empty your trash. Copy the app (right-click for PC) and place on your desktop.

2. Open iTunes and click on Library then Apps.

3. Right-click (PC) the Instagram app click Delete. You can also find out what version you have and where it is stored on your computer by right-clicking (PC) on the app icon.

4. Close iTunes. Open the folder that holds your iTunes Apps – you can find out the path by clicking on the app (mac) or right-clicking (PC) see photo above. Copy the old version of Instagram (you placed on your desktop) and paste into your app folder (right click copy/paste PC). There is one more step to getting iTunes to SEE that you added the instagrm app back.

5. Open iTunes click on File and Add File choose Instagram 1.9 app in your iTunes app folder and click. This will install the app back into your iTunes account.

6. Delete Instagram 2.0 app on your phone. DO NOT worry you WILL NOT lose any Instagram information (everything is still on their servers). I have done it more than once, trust me you’ll be ok, but to be safe you should always back up your photos (I shared my discovery of linking dropbox with my instagram account, its my backup to my back up).

tip: You can plug in your phone to your computer and open it like an external drive and right click copy/paste all my photos into another drive. I do this several times over the course of a week. 

7. Connect phone to computer and Sync. You’ll see the old familiar 2D icon for Instagram ver 1.9 – Disconnect open and sign into your instagram account and everything will load back in like you never left.

Remember to open the app in Settings and re-enter your preferred settings like Save Original Photo (if you use instagram to take photos). I use the native camera or Camera + to take all photos so I am not concerned with the complaints that the old instagram takes lower resolution photos (something good about the newer version its high res).

Now go rediscover the joys of the original Toaster, Apollo, Gotham, Walden, 1977 and Earlybird!

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  1. kirstin says

    Gold filters? That sounds amazing. Luckily I haven’t updated IG after hearing how much everyone hated the newer version….

  2. Cassy says

    I just downloaded itunes now and my library doesn’t have apps. How can I get the old version of instagram in that case? Please help. Thanks

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