InstaFriday | Why I Finally Updated Instagram

This week I did something I said I would never do.

I updated to the latest version Instagram. I know I know … I’m already suffering the consequences of crashing apps and harsh tilt shift BUT… I have the old version on my old iPod so I can always email myself a photo to apply one of the original filters to. Extra steps? Yes but I think some filters (Toaster, Apollo, Walden, Gotham, 1977… heck all of them) are worth it.

I do love the new filter Rise. What a dream. This filter was named after its creator and according to Mashable one of Intagrams Most Followed Users landscape photographer Cole Rise. For the crostata photo I sharpened it and did my center focus (blur) with Snapseed (one of my favorite apps) saved and then applied Rise in instagram. Pretty sweet.

I made Martha’s Pear Crostata (recipe coming) last night for Thanksgiving. This is the same tart we watched Martha Stewart prepare with Sarah during the Macy’s cooking demonstration, which by the way my images are featured on Martha’s EverydayFood Blog.

This week you get a mixture of new and old filters. I am going to go gallery style in the intrest of time because I need to get myself on the road for a weekend in the desert, forget Black Friday shopping (I can do that in my pj’s) I’m headed out for 80 temps and a little 18 holes of golf with the family.

Have a great holiday weekend. See you next week!


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  1. Jodi says

    I’ve yet to update… but I love that Rise app! very pretty!!

    that pear crostata?? oh wow… can’t wait for the recipe

    Great post!

  2. LB says

    Great shots. I especially love the cloud pictures….and the one of your cat, well, that’s just an excellent portrait. I wish I could get my cat to that still. Happy Weekend!!

    • says

      Thanks seems like the basket keeps her contained otherwise she would bolt, we took probably 25 shots to get that one 😀 I need to post the out takes!

  3. says

    I am so gonna be hounding you when (WHEN!) I get an iphone. In the meantime, you need to come visit and make me that tart. That or I’ll just show up on your doorstep… xx

  4. kirstin says

    Heck! If you’ve updated, I should do it too, right? Thanks for the push!
    Love that crostata. Yummmmm!

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