Meeting Martha

Last week was a GOOD week.

As a blogger I have to say I do get invited to some fabulous events, most are very lovely, but some are well let’s just say EPIC. Last Thursday night was one of those epic events which included meeting Martha Stewart. Yes, I know I know THE Martha Stewart, the one that taught me how to make the Perfect Pie Crust and Macaroni and Three Cheese. After all I grew up in a very Martha home. My mom understood the value of pressed linens, hand sewn Halloween costumes, homemade chicken stock and sit down family dinners.

Martha joined Everyday Food editor Sarah Carey for a hands on cooking demonstration on the first floor of the Macy’s Home Store which I also discovered plays home to the Signature Kitchen Cafe, that features signature dishes from three of Macy’s Culinary Council chefs, Cat Cora, Michael Samuelsson and Nancy Silverton (owner of La Brea Bakery). Next to the Cafe sits a beautifully floor to ceiling mosaic tiled kitchen where Martha and Sarah prepared fish stew, braised carrots, an aromatic rice followed by a flaky crusted pear tart.

I loved the casual banter back and forth between Sarah and Martha, they have a level of comfortableness with each other that worked well in the kitchen that night. Martha would question Sarah’s method pulse and add water in small increments, Martha’s preferred method or dump water in and pulse 16 times and Sarah would reply I don’t know which was is right, I thought you taught me to make crust this way. The crowd chuckles.

At each step of the way Martha would point out what utensil from her Macy’s Collection was her favorite and why everyone needs at least 5 different spatulas from an offset icing spatula to a slightly bent and supple fish spatula. Martha I couldn’t agree with you more, my tools make me the cook that I am today.

The event had reserved seating for the first 200 people who purchased her book, Martha’s Entertaining A Year of Celebrations, an oversized book with over 432 pages of perfectly styled food shots and all the accompanying recipes. A great gift for anyone who loves to entertain or just wants something beautiful on their coffee table. Everyone in attendance that night had the opportunity to have their book personally signed by Martha. I’m clutching my signed copy (that was graciously given to me) as we speak.

Local bloggers Kelly (@according2kelly) and Teresa @socialpreneurs with our lovely hostess Danica (@danicakombol) and some tall girl on the right.

Here I am below crouching down to tell her how much I love her signature color turquoise and her nude platform stilettos she had on.

Scroll back up to the first photo of Martha walking out in her skinny pants, the first thing Kelly and I said to each other was not “oh my gosh Martha!!!”, no it was ‘I waaant her shoes!”. Thank you Martha for the message that our job as a homemaker is the most important one out there and for also showing the world that stilettos in the kitchen are always a good thing.

disclosure: I was given a copy of the book that was signed and provided with a Macy’s gift card in exchange for my attendance. 


  1. says

    You know what’s so cool about this, though? That you were in the presence of Martha, yes, but…THE SHOES WERE THE FIRST THING I NOTICED!

  2. says

    Once again my friend, you are everywhere I want to be! Also, when I opened the post and saw the first photo the first thing I did was lean in to my screen to get a closer look at those shoes!

  3. mae says

    looks like such a fun event, linds! love your shots. but what i noticed? not M’s shoes! i see you and your lyric! hope it’s treating you well! miss you lots…

  4. Auntie Les says

    Cool beans, kiddo! You could rock any pair of shoes with legs like yours!
    Glad you had a chance to rub (figuratively speaking) elbows with one of the all time
    great cooks would makes what we do as women count!

  5. says

    Thank you for attending! We are so happy with this amazing post and I can’t wait to share with Macy’s!! You are a rockstar! Everywhere is looking forward to working with you again soon, Thanks!

  6. says

    Stilettos in the kitchen. I love that! Maybe not so much in the laundry room, but the kitchen is definitely do-able. AND Martha? What a treat. So jealous.

  7. says

    WOW!! and I mean WOW!! And her shoes are gorgeous…she just always looks so put-together…I’m lucky if I do once a month :) looks like so much fun..thanks for sharing!! I love MARTHA!!

  8. Dawn says

    Awesome post! The shoes were the first thing I noticed about that picture also! how funny! good photography too…felt like i was there with you guys!

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