Reverb 11 | Day 27 :: My 2012 Cookbook Want List

What new foods did you try this year?

Well nothing extremely interesting I assure you. racking my brain to come up with at least one that was out of my comfort zone. I think the Carrot Halwa dessert at Tamarind of London was the most unique dessert I tried this year, it is a traditional Indian dish very similar to a more textured version of rice pudding.

In the recipe department there have been a few new additions to the rotation, Honey Mustard Rosemary Pork Roast, I love roasts, this one I have made at least once a month.

Another new one for me this year was discovering brisket. I can’t say I’ve made a whole lot of brisket’s in my life. With some hesitation I decided to try the Mom’s Brisket Recipe (recipe 9 of 22) by Michelle Bernstein. The recipe is in Macy’s Thanksgiving and Holiday Cookbook, the same book that also has that delicious Chef’s Mix I raved about. The brisket recipe is a no fail solution to the juiciest flavorful crispy crusted brisket you’ll ever drool over. I was so enamored with that brisket I tweeted my love for it and it didn’t go without notice.


Seriously worth the 5 hours of cooking people.

Looking at my recipe collection it has become quite clear I am a creature of habit. I’m going to make a point of trying a new recipe at least ONCE A WEEK in 2012. We should have 52 new recipes to share with you by the end of next year. This should actually be very easy with all the new cookbooks coming out in 2012, on my pre-order list…

Pioneer Woman Foods From My Frontier RECEIVED!!  here’s my sneak peak post

Smitten Kitchen

The Picky Palate Cookbook a local food blogger I love whose books happens to be styled by another local favorite Adam Pearson.

Gluten Free Girl (photographed by Penny De Los Santos)

Top Chef All Star winner Richard Blais ‘Quirky’ Cookbook

Joy the Bakeranother local I love to read

Meat Free Monday Cookbook

The Back In The Day Bakery Cookbook

Nobus Vegetarian Cookbook

I still have a growing wishlist on Amazon, fueled by David Lebovitz’s recent post about his favorite 2011 cookbooks. I definitely want to tackle baking bread after reading the introduction to The Italian Baker by Carol Field, I’m contemplating adding e-books to my cookbook collection, although I better get a splash guard for the iPad I don’t have yet if I do.

What was your favorite new food or recipe you discovered this year?



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    no favorite new food or recipe for 2011 {stuck to the old favorites} but i like your idea of a new recipe once a week in 2012. i might try this too. happy new year!

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      I have to get out of my cooking rut and with all the new books out (I am an amazon junkie) I am left with no excuses – let’s DO THIS!

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    Thanks for sharing!! The entire Everywhere team is obsessed with the cookbook and we are HUGE fans of Michelle. Looking forward to seeing more photos from the recipes!

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