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Ok so I now realize I am late to the party on this one but HOLY CROW people this is like emancipation for my junk drawer! Have you heard about SMASH books? If you don’t know me I tend to surround myself with lots of inspiration in the form of tear sheets, paint swatches, polaroids just to name a few. I shove these little tidbits lovingly into my desk, my bathroom drawers, pretty recycled paper boxes and laundry baskets until I end up having to rent a dumpster to purge myself of most of it.

I’m on board with the uber popular Pinterest but what about the tactile people like me who still buy magazines and rip every other page out for their inspiration binder? Enter  Smash Book from EKSuccess. Its just a spiral bound blank journal begging to be filled with your scraps and ticket stubs!


I immediately high tailed it to Michael’s and bought ONE OF EVERYTHING and then I decided I need to put together a set to giveaway on the blog (see end of the post for details) and of course my daughter who’s almost 6 said she wanted one too. A few sheckles later we were home smashing all our “stuff” into cute books.

I decided to start my book with my ALT Summit trip so I gathered all the fun things and got gluing.


Things I collected in Salt Lake City.
Mini Instax photos are perfect for these books. Washi tape let’s remove them without damaging them, BONUS!


My daughters book

smash book and washi tapePROS:

  • Low Price point, books start at 12.99 and come with a pen and glue, accessories range from 1.99 to 5.99.
  • No creative constraints, you don’t have to be perfect.
  • Pocket in the back with the ability to add on additional ones for clippings or photos you don’t want to be able to remove.


  • Tape and sticky items do not stay put.
  • Books are very noisy/squeaky (you can even hear it in the demo video)

I have a few suggestions, get a better glue I have found that a lot of their sticky products mint-green-striped-washi-wapeincluding the post its and paper washi tape DO NOT STICK. I hope EK will improve this. In the meantime get a tacky paper glue , make sure you don’t use one that is too wet or you will cause wrinkling in your book (I did). Also find some good washi tape. ETSY is a great place to start. I ordered more tape from Pretty Tape today, they have an EXCELLENT collection of tape and other lovely accoutrements (I love that word). I will update you on my experience, I’m sure this is a lovely shop but until I get my order please shop at your own risk. You can find the books online at EK SUCESS, Micheals as well as places like AMAZON, and eBay. You know what I will be doing while I watch the SuperBowl this weekend!

Here is another video on YouTube that shows you some examples of what you can do with your SMASH book.

So how do you enter to get your own Smash Book? It’s simple just leave a comment below and tell me WHAT ARE YOU PUTTING IN YOUR SMASH BOOK? 

Extra entry if you tweet, Like Us on facebook or share the love anywhere on the web. We love that. If you do let me know with an additional comment (2 entries per person max).


congrats SUSAN CASE!

the fine print: Giveaway ends 2/13/12 at midnight PST. Winner announced 2/14. No compensation was provided via financial or product for this giveaway, EKSuccess has no idea who I am I just wanted to share the love.


  1. says

    If I had a SMASH book, I’d be putting together a random binder of bits and pieces that I love. No theme, except for inspiration!

  2. says

    Awesome, right?!? I think you can relate to this…I’ve been so digital-minded the last few years (photoshop, Lightroom, etc.), that I’ve lost the joy of TOUCHING paper stuff (I blame it all on printing our pics at camp). I’ve done mostly digital memory keeping and it’s all stuck on my computer…what’s the point? I’m getting back into actual. paper. goods. Literally, I JUST posted in Instagram with a pic of my pre-Pinterest inspiration binder…I miss looking through it. And I miss touching paper…

    Awesome giveaway, Lindsey…

  3. says

    If I had a Smash book, I’d put all the pretty clothing tags and random magazine scraps that I shove in folders and drawers too!

  4. says

    seriously! i am drooling over here. omgoodness! i have been cutting and pasting since high school, this is love!

  5. annie says

    i love my Smash books…I put in ticket stubs, parking receipts, business cards, instax photos, stickers and any bit of ephemera that I can find.

  6. says

    OMG! This is fantastic! I use this for an inspirational treasure map for future articles and blog posts. SWEET Giveaway! Thanks!

  7. Lisa McCully says

    I will start my book with the Jasmine Star event, 2-29-12 here in Dallas. I have recently bought the Fuji Instax and I think it will be the bomb dig for pictures in my book :) EEEEEEEEEE can’t wait!!!

  8. Leslie says

    I was in Michael’s looking at these just yesterday! I’m a simple girl so I like the “Simple” book! :-)

  9. says

    I think I would do a joy of yoga and yoga philosophy smash book to get back into the happiness of a new yogi mindset.

  10. Mae says

    oooo… so tempting. since my current journal is on its last legs, this would make for a great replacement! and i have not yet gotten into the color/print heaven that is washi tape. this would be the perfect excuse to start…

  11. Lana says

    How about all the millions of ticket stubs and receipts and other bits and pieces my kids constantly hand me saying, “Here. Keep this for me.” Forever. I will keep it forever…

  12. says

    Hiya Lindsey! I saw these when I was at A/C Moore a few weeks ago! I almost bought the whole rack, but I limited myself to the b&w tape and some sticky notes. I found the same thing with them not being very sticky. It gave me a little thrill to see not only my business card up there in your pages, but also the polaroid that I took for you!! So happy it turned out. Hope to see you again soon, but enjoying getting to know you through your pictures on Instagram and here on your blog. xo

  13. susie says

    I would use this fory boys! fun places we have visited, trinkets we collect…i could do onw fir my husband tioo! we love concerts and collecting items from over the years would be so great!

  14. says

    I am documenting the things i collect when on trips. since i go on many trips a year, i have a lot to fill my book with. I love the pretty pink book because even though I’m not a girl girl- the page designs in there are really cute.

  15. says

    I’m always on a hunt for “idea book” — so that’s what this smash book will become. It will be filled with sketches of my jewelry designs and embroideries.

  16. says

    Ooooh, I love this! I’d use it as a dream book! I can see myself putting all the clipped photos, wish lists, favorite book excerpts, quotes and inspiration of ideas that I cut out of magazines. I’d fill it with all the things I want to bring to my life. :) Right now they’re on a board, stuck to my monitor, in drawers, and in an endless pile of stuff.

  17. says

    LOVE everything about SMASH! I am putting all my findings from a recent roadtrip plus inspirations I find daily…all in ONE place :)

    yay for SMASH!


  18. chris says

    We are relocating offshore for a few years for my husband’s job, with two 4 year olds. I am going to use my “smash” book to help “journal” our adventure in their eyes!

  19. says

    I would love to use mine as an inspiration journal – whenever I see something I want to include in my artwork use the journal to document ideas!

  20. says

    Great giveaway and a huge incentive for me to capture my daughter’s first pregnancy with words, photos, feelings, dates…etc. A great keepsake to give her after the baby is born. You’ve got me inspired here Lindsey to go pick up a few of these!!! btw…love your blog!

  21. says

    ooooh! yes please! i have never tried anything like this before. but i drool over the products always hesitating on leaping in. so this would be an awesome gift. thanks for the chance xo.

  22. Laura says

    I would use a smash book to keep track of go all the bits of paper ephemera I seem to collect in the course of each day!

  23. says

    I just love collecting fortunes, little bits & pieces of things, I am a greeting card hoarder, and of course it would be fun to have a place to stick my polaroids! :)

  24. Lindsay Lofthouse says

    I love this concept. I have a shoebox full of stuff that could probably fill 5 books. However, if I won I would probably fill in during my upcoming trip to Paris! YAY Smash!!

  25. Erica says

    I am beginning a huge health journey. I would use the SMASH journals to collect all of the information that I am gathering along the way. Aslo, I would put some pictures in the album to remind myself to keep going. The possibilities are endless….I can see a collage, goals/rewards list, and even inspirational quotes already in this book. I love this set!!!! It’s a great way to keep everything in one place instead of scattered all over my room. This is a great opportunity! Thank You!

  26. AEKZ2 says

    I’d like to put the cards and notes that my husband has given me over the years.

  27. says

    I’m using my first {and only currently} Smash journal to plan my first book. I knew I needed somewhere to think outside the box, and I wanted to join in the fun, but I couldn’t decide what to use the first one for. I think the pages and all the uniquity in it gives me just the inspiration I need.

    If I were to win *this* Smash journal, I would use it as a scrap-place for my last 8 months in my current city, as I’m planning to move this Summer to Vancouver. I’d love to have a book dedicated to my friends, relationships, and favorite places once I move!

  28. Cee says

    My theme would be less and more; all the things I want to reduce in my life over 2012 and all of the things I want to add into my life this year. Thanks!

  29. says

    in my SMASH book, there would definitely be a lot of ticket stubs (which are currently scattered anywhere and everywhere), plus photos (i take a lot) and inspiration (all of those things i rip out of magazines, etc).

  30. says

    I want to smash up all the things I love. Drawings, pictures, quotations, lists, and schedules of cats, nieces, books, flowers, colors, fortune cookie fortunes, recipes, tickets, logo, houses, doors, windows, cards, notes, messages, ephemera, music, exercise, creativity, family, friends, comments, fonts, milagros, tags, calendar days, post-its, business cards, posters, postcards, origami, receipts, and stickers.

  31. Chiqui Pineda-Azimi says

    You got me at the pen/glue’s appearance! ^_^. If I…WHEN I have my SMASH Book, I’ll fill it up w/ all the lovely finds of the day: my kids’ amazing artwork, plane tickets to mom/dad visits, my doodles and gazillion photos!, my endless lists of things to do, places to visit, people to thank…like YOU for sharing w/ me my SMASH book when I have it…and thanks to Xanthe too, for sharing such a lovely, giving post…

  32. diana says

    Thanks for this generous giveaway! I would chronicle my journey in music – programs of concerts attended, tickets, photos, what I’m learning.

  33. Kathy says

    Just got invited into Pinterest and now saw these Smash Books on your blog … I feel the time vacuum slowly sucking … but oh, how fun!! This is WAY better than scrapbooking.

  34. Tracy Harper says

    My SMASH book would be a daily life collection. I’d put in all the little things that happen on a daily basis that I rarely think about. This would be a great way to look back at what I thought was just ordinary and see how extraordinary it really is!

  35. says

    Wow! What wouldn’t I put in it? I’m obsessed with notebooks, pens, art supplies, etc., and love filling up books like this with sketches, mementos from outings, fonts, ideas…everything. I would put EVERYTHING in it. :)

  36. says

    Me again. Liked you on Facebook and tweeted the giveaway. Also like you in general. I wish we would have met at Alt!

  37. says

    and I thought I was the only one who didn’t know about the Smash journals! I seem to have a little -ahem – “problem” when it comes to journal books BUT I had to get this one and absolutely love it! Mine is more like an ongoing vision/dream board. I also love Pretty Tape and use their products. So far the glue pen works well for me … will have to keep an eye out for things coming undone.
    Oh, my 7 year old would LOVE on! She has already taken a few of the fancy tabs for her kraft moleskine journal … a fledgling obsessive :)

  38. Molly D says

    I would use it for a vision board! I would place all the ideas for refinishing the basement in it. I would put inspiration quotes, paint swatches, and photos in it. Thanks for having a great giveaway!

  39. Jacki says

    I Smash about my experiences in pastry school! Lots of photos of stuff I’ve baked and stories about the things I’ve learned

  40. Lisa says

    I’d put DIY project instructions and home tips in there because I always hear and read about cool things to try and do but then forget.

  41. Sherry Bercu says

    Just found Smash BOOK at Michael s when I was bored roaming the aisles and OMG LOVE IT!!! I am the worst at putting together a scrapbook and now —now I just have to throw it in jot my thoughts oh so much fun. So first I have a smash for me — the year I finally meet my weight loss goal and what a better way to journal that Smash book? and now I have to get a second for my son so at least he will have some memories other than –where did I put that….

  42. Juliana says

    This brand caught my eye at Michael’s this past holiday season.. Id use it for keeping snippets of memories, reminders & photo dreams.

  43. says

    I love Smashbooks! I am a teacher and use them for little notes, cards, mementos, etc from students and pictures from field trips!

  44. Alicia says

    I would chronicle my photos and momentos from cooking my way through pinterest recipes, one of my other new hobbies 😉

  45. suca says

    I’d use it for inspirations and reminders for home projects and decor ideas.

  46. says

    In my smash book, am going to put all the little tidbits of paper that I collect – ticket stubs, invitations, memorabilia from trips, etc.( i have boxes and boxes of that stuff!) I just recently discovered Smash books and I decided this is my scrapbooking route. No matter how much I want to scrapbook, I feel like it takes too much time however, I love this “imperfect” concept. I just bought the Eco style and had a hard time deciding on just one book.

  47. Natosha says

    For me….magazine tear outs for decorating ideas, clothes I like, recipes, things I want to remember, ideas I have, listing things I alwasy forget (like what new CD I want to buy or movie I want to see)
    For the hubby….things about him, love notes, things we do together
    For my daughter….funny things she says or does, things she likes, play date info

    Looks like I need one of each color! I saw these at Michaels and I want all of them.