The Pioneer Woman Cookbook Giveaway

I got some serious love mail this week from my favorite cowgirl slash author slash blogger slash mother slash photographer and now Food Network TV host Ree Drummond aka the Pioneer Woman, my very own advance copy of Food From My Frontier Cookbook. That’s the first one to be crossed off my 2012 Most Wanted Cookbook list. Let’s get cookin.

Pioneer_Woman_New_Cookbook_SignedI’m happy to see her latest cookbook is even larger than that first one, more room for more recipes (she adds a whole section dedicated to the lighter side of the ranch and I don’t mean dressing). We’re talking crusty quiches, watermelon granitas and leafy salads. There is a new cocktail section as well  (if you’re into that kinda thing as Ree says) featuring hand crafted  mango margaritas. Pair that with her roasted corn guacamole and quesadilla de camerones and I think she’s covered my favorite food groups, quac, shrimp and margaritas. You can take the girl out of California but you can’t take the California out of the girl or cowgirl.  I expect some sort of fusion mexi-sushi rolls in cookbook numero tres Ree. wink wink.

Look for her new cookbook when it hits the shelves mid-March (currently Amazon is quoting a release date of March 13th). Ree is also heading out for her 2012 book tour I’m looking forward to seeing her again in April. I can’t believe it’s been a year since I last saw her at the  Los Angeles book signing. Do you remember that post? Feels like forever ago.


as seen on TPW blog

I sat down with the book and of course went directly to the sweets. I love to bake make no mistake about that. I remembered Ree talking about this magical ingredient she added to her chocolate chip cookies awhile ago and it is now immortalized on the pages of her NEW cookbook, Malted Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies.




I remembered I bought some malted powder and shelved it weeks ago if not months so I unburied it from the pantry and we set out to try her recipe. My teenager made sure his thoughts on that matter were heard. You would have thought I was committing blasphemy by the tiniest deviation of the classic Tollhouse recipe. He begged and pleased not to add the malt but I did and you know what, I had to wrestle the beater out of his paws, the dough was THAT good. Not that I am encouraging or endorsing the eating off raw dough mind you but  I may or may not have consumed a few spoonfuls myself. Yumm-o.

malted chocolate chip cookies from Pioneer Woman CookbookThe cookies bake very flat (this is fully disclosed in a very humorous way in the book) but what they lack in volume they make up in chewiness. I also tried freezing the dough overnight and they actually held their shape slightly better but they are still a flat cookie. I would recommend freezing a log and then slicing before baking, that and making sure you aren’t ravenously hungry when you make these or else you my friend are in T-R-O-U-B-L-E.

malted chocolate chip cookies from Pioneer Woman CookbookThis is me setting up for some post baking shots of the cookie and since I am doing the FEBPHOTOADAY challenge I thought I’ll pull double duty, yesterdays challenge was where you work.

My kitchen is my office.
malted chocolate chip cookies from Pioneer Woman CookbookWhat you’ll end up with is cookies that have a VERY short shelf life, that’s if they make it on to the shelf at all.

malted chocolate chip cookies from Pioneer Woman CookbookI am going to give away the copy I have on order and if you like when she comes to California I’ll have her sign it. How does that sound?

Leave a comment below and share with us your favorite cookie? Thin mints? Momofukus compost cookies? Your moms oatmeal chewies?

Sending love and thanks to you Ree for the book it’s a beauty just like you.

Giveaway ends March 10th 12 PST. Open to US and Canada residents only. Giveaway book provided by me little ol  modchik. the end.


I need to find a BROOKIE recipe sounds like a match made in (my idea of) heaven.


  1. says

    Flourless peanut butter cookies. They are to die for (if you happen to like peanut butter. which I do.).
    How fun that you got to meet her last year!

  2. says

    I’m jealous BEYOND belief. I love her. And LOVE cooking her food. And would LOVE to be friends with her, as I’m sure would every other woman in America 😉

  3. says

    I have some leftover malt powder from making the Momofuku chocolate malt cake – these would be perfect to use some of that up! My mom makes a wicked chocolate-chocolate chip cookie. To die for!

  4. Peggy says

    Oatmeal Scotties are my favorites. I eat the dough almost as fast as I can bake the cookies.

    And so cool that she sent you the signed cookbook!

  5. says

    My favorite cookie is a snickerdoodle (I’ve never made them, though). I like any cookie with lemon and any cookie that is chewy (except minty; me no likey the minty!). How sweet is that to have an autographed copy from her; I’d love to make the guac. And it’s not just a California thing: I’m in DC and damned if guac, shrimp, and margaritas aren’t three of my favorite things too. Ree’s book tour only gets as close as NY for me (sniff sniff).

  6. Lindsay says

    My absolute favorite cookie is chunky peanut butter!
    So awesome that you’re buddies with Pioneer Woman. She has a great blog and learned a lot from her photography posts.

  7. slbowling says

    Already pre-ordered a copy but would love another one especially one that she has signed.

  8. Rebecca T. says

    A toss up between snickerdoodles and ginger snaps! I would love a copy of her book!

  9. Mary F says

    My favorite are Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies, they are so yummy and really the easiest cookie to make. I like to add mini choc chips to them, too.

  10. Laura P says

    Sugar Cookies! But not just any sugar cookies, the recipe I adapted to closely fit my Grandma’s. Since she never wrote any recipes down, I had to ‘guess’ my way to them! I gave it to one of my good friend’s once and still regret it!

  11. Tricia says

    My all time favorite has to be my adapted chocolate chip cookies. I like my ratio of granulated sugar to brown sugar and I could make them in my sleep….seriously. I’ll now be adding the malted milk option and giving them a try. So cool that you got to meet her, I can’t wait till she comes to Denver on March 24th!!!!!!

  12. Molly says

    I cookbook lookes delicious. Sesame butter tea cookies are mmm mmmm good.

  13. Jenn G says

    I love Congo Bars– some people call them 5-layer bars. Coconut, pecans, chocolate and butterscotch chips, graham cracker crumb crust and condensed milk. Yum!

  14. melissa says

    My favorite cookie is chewy chocolate chip cookies! Any cookie with chocolate is awesome!

  15. Leslie says

    I adore Smitten Kitchen’s chocolate espresso shortbread cookies, though my kids prefer chocolate truffle cookies. Really, almost any cookie will make me happy :-)

  16. says

    Chewy chocolate chip cookies, especially Alton Brown’s recipe. But I also love my own recipe for almond pillow cookies!

  17. Linda V says

    Our family favorite has always been thumb print cookies that you shake in powdered sugar and then fill with a wonderful chocolate filling.

  18. Sean says

    A brookie from Alice’s Tea Cup. It’s half chocolate chip cookie and half brownie. What’s better than that?

  19. Dana M says

    Ranger Cookies are my favorite….they have chocolate chips with rice crispies and corn flakes

  20. Meg S says

    Since it’s girl scout season, I have to go with Somoas. But the rest of the year, I love a good, crispy chocolate chip cookie!

  21. Tania says

    I love the Pioneer Woman’s blog. And I love peanut butter chocolate chip cookies!