The White Party

Last week I resolved to get myself out of the house and into something that involved being in a room, face to face, with real live human beings.  I used to have a very different life.  A life that revolved around food, friends and blogging and then last summer life took a hard turn and I stumbled and then retreated. Taking that step to rejoin is tough, I need a little extra coaxing.  The White Party  invitation couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. I found myself in a cozy space at Thermador, all of us in white, my fellow foodies listening to Todd Porter and Diane Cu, talk about hopes, dreams and fears and how they express those private things on a very public platform, White on Rice Couple. Tucked in the safety of the back row I swallowed hard listening to the two of them share about their journey of loss and letting go. I felt as if someone guided me there because they knew I needed help finding my way back.


I met Todd and Diane waaaaay back when this blog was still in training pants. My friend and co-conspirator Kathleen and I attended the Zov Eggplant Recipe Challenge in hopes of getting some practice at food shots but the lighting was horrible. That’s when Todd and Diane stepped in and cheerfully offered help with our cupcake shot. That event was really one of my very first attempts at food photography which looking back now I realize I shouldn’t have quit my day job. They are truly one of the most giving couples I have known. They love what they do and more importantly they want you to love what you do too.

We were invited to stay and enjoy a few appetizers or if we wanted we could actually step behind the grill and assist in the actual cooking of the appetizers. I opted to happily instagram the appetizers instead.




Shooting from the hip, I caught the lovely Joy the Baker mid chat with Weelicious.

thermador_1200130227_057_white_party-Editby call sign: @weelicious, @Recipegirl, @Popcicleblog, @whoorl and @PickyPalate.

After helicoptering around the smores on a stick and truffles, my will finally broken I ate a few mouthfuls of sticky goodness before saying goodnight. I promised those I reconnected with that I wouldn’t let another year go by before we crossed paths again. Proud of myself for leaving as white as I arrived, I couldn’t help but feel like a blank canvas ready to begin painting again. I have Diane and Todd to thank for that last little nudge that I needed.



  1. Arnebya says

    I’m glad you made your way out and enjoyed yourself. The plated food looks delicious (although elfin ha) and even though I don’t eat red meat. It’s just so…pretty. Here’s to your being able to get out more often and my thoughts are always with your family and the progress of your niece.

  2. Nicole says

    That looks delish. Of all events to have to miss – I would’ve loved to have been there. But I can’t help to think how much I would’ve stood out all in black.

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