10 on 10

This is a new one for me the 10 on 10. Basically its 10 photos taken on one day and shared on the 10th day of the month. I decided to be a purest and take my 10 ON the 10th, hence the late night post. Its almost midnight and I promised my travel companions I would jump in on the fun. You see the ladies from the previous post Tofino all did a 10 on 10 today. To see them all you need to click on the link on the bottom of the page.

Reminds me of the labor intensive project I did a few summers ago, A Week in the Life (7 straight days of shooting sun up to sun down).

Here’s a look at my Sunday.



Birthday girl, this is our abyssinian Weebee, she turned 10 today.



I made French Toast. I always do on the weekends.



Our fish had babies today. We found 8 and placed them in the nursery.



We spent a little time outdoors monitoring birthday girl. ┬áDon’t trust that face, she likes to run away.


She’s always interested in what we are doing. Especially when string is involved.



My husband throwing with the neighbor kid. I think he was contemplating how much this would hurt his shoulder tomorrow.



My daughter giving me her zombie face, this is what happens when I overstay my welcome with the camera.



5:45 pm. sisters house for dinner – that’s Jupiter in the upper left.




Mom’s Turkey Tetrazzini in the making.


Best photo of the day. my niece Lily and Lydon aka Super B.

Head on over to the next 10 on 10 from Tamar Colour of Pomegranates and wish her daughter Happy Birthday she turned 5 today!


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