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Here is something new to share, one of my Instagram photos is making its debut appearance in the newly released  This Is Happening from Chronicle Books.


A year ago I saw a post in one of my Facebook groups alerting us to an open call for images by art book editor Bridget Watson Payne (her blog, Pippa’s Cabinet, a great place if you your looking for inspiration in art, poetry and photography. I am in love with her header:

ScreenHunter_524 Nov. 23 08.26

Bridget crowdsourced looking for images with the hashtag #thisishappening on Instagram. Months later I received an email asking for the highest resolution of a photo I took during my stay at Oasis at the Ace Hotel last fall. What I really loved about this photo, aside from the color was the fact that it is strong on its own. Shot with the app Hipstamatic, there was NO POST EDITING. Back then the sister app Hipstamatic OGGL (allows you to edit Hipstamatic photos) didn’t exist. My motto was like the saying in kindergarten, “you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.” There is something to be said about a photo that isn’t morphed through layers of apps into something way beyond its original capture. This book is filled with just that, photos that stand strong on their own.

Photo Oct 23, 1 42 19 PM

from Chronicle Books:

Over 100 million people use the Instagram app to take beautiful, lo-fi photos of the special moments in their lives, and then instantly share them with the world. The first-ever crowd-sourced book of Instagram photos, This is Happening highlights that single, fleeting moment that makes us happy and just begs to be photographed—the perfect cup of coffee, a scenic moment on the morning commute, the joy of new shoes, a loved one’s shy smile. Featuring over 200 stunning shots by many distinctive photographers, this petite yet chunky volume is an inspiring showcase of the easily overlooked details that fill us with wonder each day, all captured through the dreamy lens of Instagram.

I love that I also share the pages with the uber talented Meghan Davison, you can see the photos that appear throughout the book on her blog Life Refocused. As well as Adriana (Small Roots) who I met at Oasis.


Chronicle Books sent me an extra copy to give away. If you would like to win a copy please comment below. I will draw a winner on Dec. 1st. Can’t wait? You can order a copy on Chronicle Books for 30% off and FREE SHIPPING using the code: DESIGNDESK.



  1. I would LOVE to win that book! So pleased for you. You are rocking the word “Muse” for me.

    • thank you my dear you have always been my biggest supporter in the iphonography dept. and I love you for that! xoxo!

  2. Congratulations Lindsey! This is exciting news! I’m so thrilled to hear that three of my photo friends represent! xo

  3. thanks so much for the lovely post! and thanks even more for contributing such a stunning photo to the book! hooray!
    ps–my blog header is by the super talented Julia Rothman

    • The pleasure is all mine Bridget. :D I’m off to go check out Julia’s work thank you for the 411.

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