10 on 10

Last month the group of us from my Tofino trip started our own 10 on 10 project, you shoot on the same day and pick 10 of our favorites and then link to one another. Its like a pub crawl, minus the beer and the hangover. This month we were looking for festivity, I felt a bit more like frantic, time is not on my side this season. To follow along, click on the link to Tamar’s post at the bottom of this page.

Since I’m short on time and words it’s all visual today. I think you get an idea of my weekend. Cold. Colorful. Crisp. Christmassy with a side of Chicken Pot Pie.


Photo Dec 08, 6 49 48 AM (HDR)

Photo Dec 08, 6 50 24 AM



Photo Dec 08, 7 28 35 AM

Photo Dec 07, 3 12 36 PM



Visit thecolourofpomegranates.com to get a peak at Tamar’s festive 10 on 10.


  1. Love that double shot of your girl and the handprints and the frost and well all of them! Also – did you make those pies?!

  2. yup, love the mirrored image shot and also loved the line, “Christmassy with a side of Chicken Pot Pie.” xoxo

  3. What great pics. I really feel the life in there. the beauty of it all. thank you xxx

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