Girl Scout Cookie Giveaway

The time has finally come, my daughter is old enough to sell Girl Scout cookies. I was a Brownie once too, infact my uniform fits my daughter perfectly, she recently wore it in a local parade. I have memories of thin mints in the freezer and calling family on the telephone asking them to help me reach my goal so I could earn a prize. I’m sure the top prize was nothing like the one’s they have now (iPad).  Today they even have a Cookie App Finder, (Android ver) yep an app that helps connect you to your next box of thin mints. But you gotta hurry COOKIE SALES END THIS SUNDAY 3/9. Just as my mom did back in day we stock up the freezer knowing that the middle of summer I am going to crave a frozen thin mint. To this day I prefer to eat all my mints frozen (check out this SNL parody on buying from little girls in tablecloth dresses). My daughter is now old enough to sell cookies door to door. The day we picked up our cases to sell she begged me to take her around the neighborhood. I told her we could probably fit in a few before it was dark. We approach our first door and all of the sudden she stops, unable to inch any further.


We get about 10 feet from the door and she stiffens up. I push her a bit closer. Ring the doorbell, c’mon. She shakes her hear no. Ugh, fine I reach for the doorbell and add a swift knock for good measure. Fists clenched I could tell this was going to be a little shaky. Our neighbors mom slowly opened the door, mumble mumble…. the woman is probably in her 80’s and she cant understand one word. I grab a box of cookies out of the bag and wave them around. She smiles ‘ohhhhhhh cookies yes I would like one!’ I smile at Ava, we collect our 4 dollars and thank her for her purchase. See they sell themselves, I tell her. Next time you don’t have to say anything, just show them the box. She’s still not convinced this is for her. We move on but we don’t get very far. You see the trouble with selling to your neighbors is that sometimes you get invited in and sometimes you end up talking so long that the sun goes down and then you go home and eat your inventory.


Girls Scout Cookie Giveaway

Cookie sales are ending this weekend, that means this is your last chance to stock up on those thin mints and those tasty Samoas, I mean Caramel DeLites. If you live in an area that doesn’t have cookies you are in luck Girl Scouts of Orange County sent me a CASE OF COOKIES to give away to one lucky reader. I will be covering the shipping personally I am going to limit this giveaway for people in the United States. 

You will receive a box of the following:boxes_

    • Thin Mints
    • Caramel DeLites (Samoas)
    • Peanut Butter Sandwich (Do-Si-Dos) (2)
    • Peanut Butter Patties (Tagalongs)
    • Shortbread (Trefoils)
    • Chocolate Chip Shortbread GLUTEN FREE
    • Lemonades (2)
    • Cranberry Citrus Crisps (2)
    • Thanksalots


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  1. Tabatha says

    If I win, “on my honor I will try”… to share 😉 Once a girl scout, always a girl scout! 30 yrs later I still know the girl scout pledge.

    • says

      Tabatha do me a favor and enter through Rafflecopter widget – I think you can just click that you left a comment.

  2. Leah Sorensen says

    My favorite Girl Scout cookie is Shortbread. The rest of my family can’t get enough of Thin Mints though!

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