Rabbit Hole // Week 9

Monday was like Christmas morning. I received an email the night before my Day Designer planner was finally scheduled for delivery. When I discovered the planners back in January the ship date was almost March. I had ordered an “Already Authentic Planner” aka a second because a. I wanted one so bad and b. it was the only choice if I wanted a JAN 14 planner. I was placing all my eggs into this basket hoping that a binder of paper was going to straighten out my crazy life, once and for all. I admit I picked up the pace to get out of my office that Monday just so I could open the box. When I arrived there was not only one box but two, my other pre-order arrived, Show Your Work by Austin Kleon. Austin a self proclaimed “writer who draws” has another book I continually draw inspiration from, especially when I feel the creativity well drying up, its called Steal Like An Artist. Both are excellent reminders that creativity isn’t a talent, its a skill.

Show your work


Tuesday here we go our first day plotting time domination. In all my years of planners, and there have been many (Dayrunner, Franklin Covey and my current, a monthly bound calendar from Gallery Leather.  I have tried unsuccessfully micromanaging my time and I have some serious concerns about the monotony. I can barely get myself to take my vitamins let alone track my every move in a daily page. I’m willing to give it a try. How else am I going to get a grip on my train wreck of a schedule. Today’s to do is already full as it takes me a good hour just to move in. Under my coffee cup, the list from Week 7, it remains untouched. I need to get on that.


Bedtime. Her new routine is to pile on what seems like 30 heavy blankets. She lines them up perfectly ensuring the evenness of the layers. Her three lovies lie perfectly next to her complete with their own pillow and blankets. She practically needs a forklift to separate blankets from sheet. After she slips in between, I say goodnight. She declares she’s still not ready. Why? Do you need something. She tells me she needs to go check to see if she put the cap back on the toothpaste. I can feel me eyes bugging. Oh you can’t be serious I callously say, let me check that for you. I give her the all clear and push the words OCD out of my mind. I only slightly dim her overhead chandelier as we have serious issues with sleeping in total darkness. My son was this way too in fact he still has a few things in his room that help ease the discomforts of the pitch black. Me? I live with blackout curtains.

Wednesday was interesting I arrive home with a car full of cold groceries and the garage door won’t open. It must have something to do with all the oversized utility trucks lined along the street, I thought to myself. I walk around my house looking for a way to break in. fact: I don’t carry a house key. I call and discover that the planned outage will last another SIX HOURS. I immediate sort through the bags and shove anything cold into the floor freezer in the garage. I don’t dare open the house fridge. I decide while I’m in the garage to poke through some cabinets. Not cleanout my office or the living room like you saw in Week 5, poke through photos.

Box of old photos

Here we go down the rabbit hole.  I don’t remember putting this on my daily to do list. There are thousands of photos. I shot film from the early 80’s all the way until my first Canon Rebel which I think was around 2001.


Oh hey 1988 nice wayfarers and paisley buttons.  I think my sister and I were at a wedding.


First grade.


Kindergarten. (Polaroid)

Budweiser baby

Oh hey dad, that’s not a sippy cup.


A reminder about that time when I gained 60 lbs only to have 10 come off post baby. That my friends is Super B.


I text me husband this, he answers back “What happened!?”

Hrhotel-vegasAnd then I start texting friends who should otherwise be working.  I don’t know who that is in the middle or what I was thinking when I bought that top! Criminy. A dozen photos later I receive a text warning me that I am not even halfway through my month and my data package is now 90% used up. Oh crap I forgot, WiFi down, I was sending over full sized files over 4LTE – ack!!! I am forced to shut down.


4 hrs later and power is restored. I peak at the fridge. I am barely in the zone. I made it.


When I bought the butter (pictured above) the guy actually asked me if it was for my coffee. ‘You mean the BulletProof stuff? YES!, you know about this stuff?’ “Know it, when I use their MCT Oil with it I experience this extreme focused.” Ah , there is hope for me I thought. I somehow stumbled across this online, read about how this guy has figured out over the years how to get everything bad OUT of coffee leaving you with all its best properties, specifically to boost brain power. They use organic beans from Central America, which are  processed without the rotting method that requires the bean to to ferment in order to lose its shell. The goal is to rid the beans of mycotoxins (fungus).  The coffee is definitely fruity and bright like they describe it. Their method calls for mixing in a little unsalted grass fed butter. I can make the creamy mixture with my frother. Not sure if I’m going to switch but I do like the fact I am drinking an organic coffee. I do have arrhythmia and I should be cutting out coffee but I have found that one cup doesn’t even come close to dark chocolate or a glass of wine.


Rain rain

We had a big storm move in that weekend it rained on and off for 3 days which was HUGE for us. California has had the driest winter and tracking for the worst drought since the days of the Gold Rush. We have seen this ridge of high pressure just park itself of California keeping all the clouds passing north of us. I am not complaining I have loved the weather, but I know its deceptive. Wait until we are in week 40 and the Santa Ana winds are back, half of our state could be on fire by then. Its a dangerous set up. I also feel badly because the only photos I see on Instagram are all white.

Spicy Dr. Pepper Shredded Pork

Ree’s Spicy Dr. Pepper Shredded Pork

Coffee cake-muffins

Coffee Cake Muffins, I forgot topping on one. That’s a first.

March goals

After a week of this I have come to the conclusion that writing down a detailed daily to do has made me become a bit neurotic.  I feel like all I do is check “the” planner. This thing weighs as much as a hefty bible so trust me when I say portable is not its middle name.  I’m not giving up yet. But I decided maybe I needed broader strokes so I opted for a goal list. So there they are, no secrets. Skillscrush is a self paced e-course in web design.

Photo Feb 28, 8 40 58 AM

The rest of the weekend looked like this. I rented four movies, FOUR!! I was such a shut in. I watched The Cove as I continue to work on my post about Orcas and the movie, Blackfish, it was difficult to watch. I will never be able to erase the scene of the dolphin that manages to escape during one of the killings but not without injury. The speared dolphin swims towards the beach, desperately trying to jump nets and just get as far away as it can from the massacre. Its bloody and its painful to watch such enormous suffering.

We watched Gravity (LOVEEEEEEEEEED!) Felt like a 30 minute movie, I was grabbing the couch pillow talking to Sandra Bullock the entire movie. I can not get enough of the space stuff so we also rented Hubble (the IMAX experience) its about the launch and subsequent shuttle missions to fix and maintain this exquisite piece of machinery.  There is a lot of crew footage. I wanted to see the images, get an upclose look into one of those rainbow colored nebulas. The HUBBLE telescope is so powerful it is able to strip away the outside dust cloud layers of the nebulas revealing a baby star nursery deep within. Scientist have a good idea of how these stars are forming and how likely it is that some of these may in fact closely resemble what our Sun, a star might have looked like millions (or is it billions?) of years ago during its formation. I am a self proclaimed astronomy nerd. My favorite distraction is Nasa on Instagram.

Norma Cluster as seen by Hubble 200 million light years away.  There are  5,878,499,810,000 miles in a light year.

I round out my brain busting science exploring with a little Oscar watching Sunday night. It was OK. Background stuff while I made dinner. I was happy for Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto. We moved right into Matthew part two with the next to last episode of True Detective. I’m not sure I can deal with its season ending. I scribble down in my new planner, “LAST EPISODE” on 3/9. Unhappy face.

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