Influenced // Week 12

I found happiness this week in Beck’s new album, Morning Phase I haven’t been able to stop listening to it since the weekend.  Again, Super B andBeck-Morning-Phase1 I with the recorded SNL. This time it’s Jim Parsons with musical guest Beck. “Ooooooooo Beck I love him.” “Who is that?” he asks.  “Super B I’m pretty sure I used to sing *clears throat* ‘Imma a loser bay-baaaa so why doncha kill maaaay‘ to you when you were a baby.” “Oh great mom that’s nice.”  No seriously Google it, you know his songs. “I got 2 turn tables and-a micro phone.” MOM! shhhhhh ….

Sheesh no respect.

Once again …. Beck.

I fell silent. Hearing Wave for the first time is something I will never experience again. Its like seeing something so beautiful you have to almost look away its too much. I looked over at Super, he was fixed on the TV too. It rendered me speechless. Three minutes of total escape. I wish I knew more about music about what makes this song sooooooo alluring, you hear it and you can’t quite put your finger on it but you like it. The next day I downloaded the album.  I recognize slide guitars, sitars and Indian accordions and I finally make that connection to why his music resonates within me. A week later its all I listen to day in day out. Is it a pocketful of sunshine? No.  So maybe those of you enduring your umpteenth sinter storm and grey skies may want to refrain until the sunshines for more than twenty minutes.

When you do eventually listen I promise it will be reminiscent of that tingling you had as a kid on Christmas morning.


I didn’t do corned beef and cabbage but I did buy the retro box of Lucky Charms just to keep in my trunk (emptied) as a prop when I stumble upon another rainbow like this or this and then I can pull off THIS!.

Her reaction when I said no you can’t have it dinner.


We are such party poopers when it comes to St. Patty’s Day and I married an IRISHMAN. Oy vey.  I did however boil that rotisserie bird down to some delicious stock. Poured into to an ice cube tray and freezed.



When I cleaned up I whined I was just too tired to do anything and we ended up having tacos. I skipped the green beer.


LAX on a Tuesday night. Followed by a bloody nose and more tacos.







7:25 am the sun finally pops over the hill just beyond the house.




You know those parties where you buy stuff you never use. Yeah that.

Home barista

I love when Starbucks brings out the Kona. I allow myself one half pound at $45 bucks a pound. No typo.


I have been on a burger binge lately. I don’t tell that to my new naturopath (below)






That’s not a good find in the washer. It still works.



I make everyone run out of the house and stare up at the sky. I have MIA planes on the brain. I still can’t believe we haven’t found one piece of wreckage yet.


I made Sage Crusted Pork Chops – easiest recipe there is.


Since she’s been banished from our room (unfortunate cable box incident in week 11) she seeks refuge on a warm dryer. She’s still not better.


I feel as fried as my hair looks. That does get better (hair included) Week 13.


TGIF and its my blogiversary. the Modchik turns 4. I toy with the idea of a makeover and decide clearly I have no business or time working on that, so no change. on March 21st, 2010 it looked like this.

modchik ver 1


and then this

ScreenHunter_14 Mar. 16 17.33


and then finally this which was eventually hacked so badly I had to scrap it all and start with a template that was clean (the dirty low down is here –>> how to avoid a wordpress hack) I do miss that site and the work that Darling Design and Zoe put into it. ScreenHunter_51 Apr. 18 16.52

Maybe I will try to resurrect that old theme. It means I have to go in and find any bugs that are hiding deep within folders. Considering how painful it was to get clean I may just pass on that.  We don’t want to reinstall themes with bugs. Maybe I will just leave well alone and work on something worthwhile like ummmm I dunno cleaning out the living room (the hubs did threaten to pull out the hefty bags and do it “his way”) There’s also the ‘tiny’ matter of the school yearbook that has yet to be finished, banquet videos, half finished photo books, oh and taxes. You know I’d rather sit here scour the internet for cool things to share with you. It’s my escape and if there is one thing I have learned in the last four years of blogging (not counting my self absorbed year) its that we live in a world of shared experiences. Its that overlapping that I find comforting, we may have very different circumstances but we go through the same feelings, celebratory and not. We find comfort in knowing that we aren’t alone. That is the best thing about having a space to share your thoughts, it only takes one comment to let you know that you aren’t in a vacuum.

Sunday’s find, MANUKA HONEY at Trader Joe’s. Know that it sells for upwards of $35 a jar on Amazon or WF, wanna know why? LMGTFY (let me Google that for you.)


good distractions: 

top-25-modern-rock-hits-this-week-20-years-ago (Morrissey, STP and Soundgarden.

See your very first tweet – here’s mine.

Wow I choked right out of the gate.

ScreenHunter_33 Mar. 28 19.04

Orcas hunting sea lions next to this guys boat 3/21 (video)

Even better as I am finishing this up we had a pretty good earthquake roll through here. You wanna see the best reaction just scroll to the 3 minute mark and continue on, its hysterical we Californians can’t handle our rain or our earthquakes.


  1. Lisa says

    Loved catching up by reading your blog …. Now need the live version. Call me!!!! Xoxo

    • says

      😀 its my answer to taking a break from social media I’d rather keep in touch here, or better yet in person – which I will do!

  2. says

    You make me want to totally scrap my blog and start over…everytime I read and view these awesome posts. Love them!

    • says

      I like to hear that I inspired action, that is cool! Although your site is beautiful and your images are a strong backbone of that site, can’t imagine a scrap but I get it, I have been there before myself a few times as you saw in those screenshots. I still can’t believe after all that time & ca$h invested I’m back to a freebie template.

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