Earthquake! She’s 8 // Week 13

Ok so I hate to admit it I botched Week 12. I don’t even have a good reason either. You would think that after three solid months of doing this I would have it down. I do. Well at least I thought I did. My workflow is pretty simple. I shoot with my big camera, every couple of days I upload into Lightroom, on the weekends I edit and then export into folders by week. For my phone I use Dropbox, I have  a set of folders (already created) week 1 through 52. Those folders are always synced with computer so when I am ready to recap all I have to do is upload the photos into the blog. Whenever I have 5 minutes I will edit a photo, usually in Afterlight and save directly in app to Dropbox (in folders labeled Life Week __). But last week I totally forgot Sunday and jumped the gun sharing Monday’s lacrosse game.  Have I totally lost your attention? Me too.  Let’s just get to the photos.

Spring came early


This is me evaluating the state of the yard with my camera. Its better than writing it down in a journal. I look back by month and compare what was happening year to year. Because Spring came in February we have blooms already. I’m so confused, the roses are about to explode and the milkweed it about to go to its first seed which hopefully means the Monarchs will come back early.

I snap some photos of Super A just so I can see what she looked like as she approaches 8 years on this planet. I wonder if she feels more at home in her body now that she is 8. She is what they call an old soul.



This was actually last Monday – go ahead and fast forward if you want.

I get to shoot with someone else camera and its awkward and fun all at the same time. This Sony has some really cool features, for one thing I can shoot WITHOUT GLASSES!!!! First time in my entire life that I have experienced this. I was able to play around and try sports mode (10 fps) and shoot a little video. Its super light at just over a pound and I have to say I would recommend this for anyone who wants to shoot their kids from the side lines. I used the 55-300, I think it was this one (don’t quote me) but it worked rather well. The guy shooting for the other team had a big heavy Nikon, he asked if I wanted to trade. Nope I smiled, but I do like the sound of your shutter release I replied. 

Our team has had a run of head injuries and its making me uneasy. I don’t want to capture anything remotely close to that. We struggle the entire game, we are down a man (concussion received at prior game.) Super B manages to score our only goal.





Our weather goes back and forth, rain, nothing measurable but it always leaves a wake of winds, which is great for clearing out the thick haze that often blankets us. Today strip malls are full of rustling palm trees. Sounds like Hawaii, feels like Santa Barbara, rather cool. I pull out of the driveway and then decide I have to shoot a few photos of the clouds. 



Same day taken with Impossible Film 600 (production date 11/13) with the SLR680 Polaroid.


I get back in the car and we head to Build-A-Bear. Remember all that Girl Scout cookie eating I mean selling they did last month, well they earned enough for a field trip to the second happiest place on earth (in an 8 yr olds world) Build-A-Bear. Raise your hand if you think your child has a Build-A-Bear addiction. Who ever invented or invested in this bear business is a genius.


Drop car off, pay someone to peel of the window tint (see my week 10 infraction) and no sooner than I arrive home I find the court notice that has the option to leave the tint on and pay the fine. Ugh. Why don’t they just tell you that when you get the ticket?

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

new photo app 

While I wait for my loaner car, I mess around with the Diana app, it basically mashes two photos up together and applies a few edits, similar to Decim8. This is what I do to unwind these days. Its not bad. I have to play around with it a bit more.



The plane is still missing :(

How can I be typing this sentence for the third week in a row? In my house we are OBSESSED with planes. Ok, let me clarify, 2 out of 4 of us have a plane obsession. I continue to text my husband with tidbits of news, by the end of this week they are pretty sure they will reach the items floating in the middle of the Indian ocean that were spotted via satellite. I’m convinced that what they spotted was a wing section, my husband says lost shipping container. I think about the passengers mostly. I wonder what happened and pray whatever it was, it all happened quickly.


When you are a working parent you need to master the skill of prioritizing, if you don’t you end up like me at the kitchen table, fixing and finishing reports hours before they are due. I was more worried about the costume to be honest, there was so much drama in my house about not having the proper get up for presentation. A pair of khaki shorts, a boys shirt and unisex (?) shoes, and a non-pinterest inspired pair of binoculars made out of 2 toilet paper rolls and a piece of yarn and I think WE NAILED IT. Any guesses who we are?


I take her to dinner to celebrate. We go to her favorite place because they have a bakery with the most glorious sugar cookies spackled with royal icing. She choses the cookie shaped like a cake I go with the kabob. I felt someone move my chair and asked her if there was someone behind me, she doesn’t even bother to answer and I don’t give it another thought. Turns out it was a foreshock.

9:03 pm

We get home and I’m standing in the hallway talking to my husband, you hear a rumble and then you sway, a gentle shaking starts, it seems to subside and then whoa …. more shaking. In the back of your mind all Californians ask themselves ‘is this the big one?’ as they look for the nearest door way. My husband starts to get excited about this one. He seems a bit more anxious than usual. I on the other hand barely move. I’m so nonchalant about the whole thing, must be that beer I had at dinner. My daughter runs out from her bedroom whimpering, ‘What is that!” she cries. I’m actually feeling excited for her as I congratulate her on riding out her first earthquake. She doesn’t return the high five.  The shaking stops and I pick up the broom vacuum that feel over. Twitter is fun when these things happen. Don’t you agree? The aftershocks kept rolling. It felt like you were on a boat.  Dejavu April 5, 2010 (one of my first posts) Rock n’ Roll Easter. I still have that emergency kit I bought after that quake along with a pair of tennis shoes under my bed.  Our house is unique in that its built with steel framing and tension cables, great for earthquakes, not great hanging pictures. Our house expands and contracts constantly. Its noisy but on the upside we get a few seconds of warning before the shaking starts. Fun.

I lie in bed wondering how old the tuna kits are in the earthquake kit and if I put shoes under the kids beds.


Happy Birthday Super A


She get’s to have sugar cereal, one box, once a year (last weeks Lucky Charms didn’t count) She chose Trix and I have no idea why. I think the idea of eating neon globes of sugar sounds good, but in reality doesn’t really taste good. I found the bowl in the sink later.


The house continues to shake. No soon had I posted this photo on Instagram about shaking that we had another aftershock.

She is quite bothered.

We have a birthday party BEFORE our birthday party and I sneak over to The Lab antimall while she runs around in a gigantic warehouse filled with gymnastic equipment. Look at this vinyl pop up store, Creme Tangerine outside of Urban Outfitters. They had a copy of Purple Rain, I checked.


The Lab

I can’t believe this place has been here for 20 years. Oh wait yeah I can I used to come here to get my hair cut (before UO moved in) by the cutest guy with dreads, I don’t know why I didn’t date him.  There was the surprise wedding shower thrown for us at the cuban joint, Havana back in 96.  This is a good place to bring your film camera.


While window shopping I get a text, EARTHQUAKE!! Ok, now its just getting old.

I’m anxious and contemplate the idea of grabbing a beer before my daughter’s party. Maybe I should just bring the beer into the movies. I just know how much effort it takes to wrangle a group of girls. get them in their seats, snacks, bathroom breaks, all of it and then across the parking lot and fight the crowds to get a table large enough to accommodate all of us WITHOUT reservations. Yeah maybe Xanax would have been better.





Everything went fine, I didn’t lose anybody and the movie (Muppets Most Wanted) was really cute.  Do you see who joined us?? My nieces Lily and Charlotte! It was so great to have them with us, many times, even before the accident, my nieces have been out of town and had to miss our parties so this made today very special. Lily loves movies and beanie boos, can you see that smile? Melt. And by the way I know a lot of you have been hoping for Lily updates, she is doing WONDERFULLY! So many things have been changing and happening in her world, and proving all the doctors wrong who said there was nothing more they could do. When my sister updates Team Lily with the details I will make sure to share it with you. I told my sister its time to go through the year and a half of videos and photos and start piecing together the recovery story because this is a documentary of loss, recovery, determination, love and above all FAITH that needs to happen! I can not wait for the day when Lily is able to shape this story in her own words, which is going to happen sooner than we know it. I dream about her talking all the time.



I tell you dinner and a movie is the way to go. Taken from the vantage of the adult table complete with soft tacos and an icy mug of Hanger 24 IPA. After the beer and the stress melt away, I lost my camera for 30 minutes. Turns out when I was waiting for parent pick up I stashed my bag out of sight so the running girls wouldn’t trip on it.  I leave and within 20 minutes I get a call from the restaurant that my bag was turned in. I drive back and before they give my the backpack they tell me that I have to call the guy who turned it in to confirm I have it, at his insistence. Um, OK. I call the guy, turns out he was a professional photog once and knew the value of the gear hiding in my crappy Target backpack (my description not his). I kept apologizing, he wasn’t sure what to say and I was just exhausted from my week.

Sunday funday was the usual, I went a little out of my way to my favorite grocery store. I told Ava that we needed a proper birthday cake. I grabbed a tiny chocolate bundt cake from the day old bin. Ohhhhh look Ava chocolate chocolate chip as I dangled it in front of her (diverting her attention away from the fondant covered Princess cakes.  She shrugged OK and just like that we had a cake.

I made a quick marinade on the fly no recipe just kinda threw all the ingredients into a glass dish and let the steak marinade in it for an hour. Grilled it for 10 minutes over a very hot grill (5 a side) you want it pink in the middle, rest for 10 min (residual cooking), slice with serrated bread knife (because my knives re dull), on an angle, against the grain (usually long side up). It was so good.

Flank Steak Marinade

1/2 C Pineapple Juice

2 cloves of garlic (chopped/smushed)

2 TBL Soy Sauce

2 TBL Worcestershire Sauce

1 TBL Cherry Balsamic Vinegar

1/2 cup Olive Oil or Safflower

Ground Pepper

Squeeze of lime juice

dash of salt

Happy 8th birthday wonder girl.



  1. Julie {Angry Julie Monday} says

    wow, a busy week! Happy “8” to the girl!!! I love to see pics of my favorite cat on the Internet. And I need to take my boy to see your boy play some LAX sometime. Mine is intrigued by it.

    • says

      It’s a rough sport I tell ya! We have a player out (Freshman) who just got his 2nd concussion who has plans to play through college. Its so scary. I’m still on the fence about contact sports. On the upside lots of running and really similar to hockey, there’s a lot of swinging of the stick, C may just love it! We have a handful of home games left you can come shoot with me on the sideline (that’s your future mama)

    • says

      Its perfect for salmon too, my sister does one with pineapple juice and a 5 spice rub. The stuff caramelizes when you cook – delish!

  2. says

    I love reading about your workflow! Would love to know more about your writing…do you write these each day and combine or do all the writing on Sunday too?
    Happy birthday to your sweet girl!

  3. A. Norman says

    Hi! Found you on google. Wherever did you find that super cute shirt for the Jane Goodall outfit? I need one just like that for our presentation :)

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