The Donut Thief // Week 14

I posted this photo on Instagram Monday afternoon. I have given up on the battle of the clutter. Blargh. I can barely walk into my office without tripping so my solution was to set up office on his side of the bed. Our room has barely anything in it. Your looking at a dresser that was acquired by marriage and belonged to my inlaws. It probably remains in my room because they left us too soon. It doesn’t bother my anymore that we have furnished this home we primarily hand me downs. Another fight I simply gave up.  I cleaned out one corner that night and folded 5 baskets of laundry.

Photo Mar 31, 4 57 03 PM
Opening Day for MLB. Its a beautiful thing. I come from baseball family. We only went when the Red Sox were visiting because my dad refused to give up his team, even after living in California for decades. My sister and her husband  are HUGE Angel fans, we were texting each other as we watched the ceremony. So excited to watch only to immediately slump in our chairs after a disastrous ceremonial first pitch. Let’s just say the hitting coach Don Baylor went straight to the hospital after. But we aren’t looking at that as any forecast to the season. I may have smudged a bit of sage to help them clear out the mojo.

Opening day mlb

The next day woke up with that certain tickle in my throat that make me say uh-oh. I had just spent the last 24 hours Cloroxing every handle and shoveling down the vitamin C gummies. I was hoping that my visiting niece was just allergic to our cat.  Not the case. By Tuesday night I was already feeling the illness gripping a little tighter. I still refused to give in upping the probiotics, homeopathic remedies, even garlic. Didn’t matter.

sick day

Photo Apr 02, 9 45 13 AM

Wednesday I accepted it and my daughter and I called out sick.We spent the day watching Frozen for the umpteenth time while we filled out her Birthday Book. <– every kid show have one.


Within 24 hours we were already playing her favorite game, Ava’s diner. On the menu. Peanut butter and jelly, Crackers and cheese or tuna.

Photo Apr 02, 6 16 44 PM

Wednesday was  HUGE day for us personally. We have been working on resolving the issue of being fined  by the IRS for payroll returns lost in the mail. It never seemed like a big deal when we first got notices back in 2011. Yes, the first notices were received that long ago. But somewhere in the transition of me turning over the books to a hired bookkeeper the whole thing fell through the cracks. The task of trying to recall phone conversations and reconstruct timelines to figure out where it went south has been weighing on me heavily. There are no fun photos to share when I am sitting on the floor in a puddle of tears because I can’t find the ONE DOCUMENT out of twenty others I did find that would absolve us of everything. Think the clutter is helping the situation? The penalty amount is enough to purchase a new car. A NICE new car. And the thing about the IRS is they WILL get the money. Liens will be levied and bank accounts will be swept. You don’t mess around with IRS.  There have been so many fights over this, our marriage has been left beaten and kicked to the curb. Many times my husband came ‘this close’ to just letting them have the money. I could see this weighing on him heavily. Giving in just sounded like a quick way for it all to be over. I flat out refused, based on principle. Just because the paperwork got lost doesn’t mean that we have to resign ourselves to accepting the penalty. We can fix this and they were giving us time to fix it. After weeks of forging through files and futile attempts to get documents from a former CPA, we found help assembling a resolution packet and on this glorious blue sky day I was able to say that its over. Well almost over, we have to wait and see what the IRS says. If all goes well I may just live long enough to see this house get some proper TLC in the form of a fresh coat of paint and some new floors.

Everything crossed. Prayer box full. Vision board updated.

And speaking of prayers we had a Lacrosse game on Friday. I went straight from work and at the very last second I decided to go pick up the lens I borrow. I am ever so grateful I did, Super B had one of his BEST games yet. In overtime he scored the game winning goal to win it 5 -4. I held my breath as I was shooting. I wanted to scream and yell his name but equally wanted to capture the moment for him and for dad who couldn’t be there. I was reluctant to tell his dad that he had missed his son score the game winning goal. That stuff kills him. He will tell you to this day that he never saw his son hit a home run in 10 years of little league either.

140404_227_JV VS CDM

140404_230_JV VS CDM

140404_247_JV VS CDM


A few weekend pics. 1 // When I sit here and blog this is to the left of my desk, a couple of my favorite photos, my Monarch and my new Alex Grey calendar. 2 // Chompers, our bearded dragon, showing off his black beard. His whole body will turn that dark if he gets too hot. 3 // An old Polaroid photo from the late 80’ the house I grew up in, do you like my fake Chanel silk quilted bomber? 4 // I made a donut run because I was too lazy to make pancakes.


What cat eats donuts? Apparently mine. Next weeks photo of us at the vets might make more sense now.

cat stealing donuts

Its already time to write about week 15. I better sign off. Plus ‘Lindsay‘ starts in a few minutes, Don’t judge.



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    Hope we have a major victory to celebrate when we have lunch at Red O later this month! Congrats to Super B, Ava is adorable, and you cat is still incorrigible!

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    You just made me feel incredibly guilty. I have the same birthday book for C and have 7 years of catching. Ughhhhh.

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