Don’t Poke the Bear // Week 15

We start out the week with another game. Can you see how much time I spend taking and editing lacrosse photos? Its beginning to feel like a part time job. I also burdened myself with maintaining the team’s website. And in a brief panic attack one Saturday morning I told my husband that I hated myself for signing up. He looked at me and said don’t you remember we had a deal, you were supposed to come to me whenever anyone asked you to volunteer and then I would take you squarely by the shoulders and say HELL NO.  But when the sign up sheets went around in the fall it didn’t seem like a big deal. I rationalized that I was website savvy anyway, ha ha wrong.  There was a rather steep learning curve with a new CMS.  After one long week in particular, I resigned. The next morning before a game the director approached me and asked “So, one and done?” Yep, I said, one and done.  He waved me off.  All these reasons why I couldn’t do it were on the tip of my tongue just waiting for launch. I could blame my job or the hair falling out in clumps. There was also the palpitations and now neuropathy. I’ve always believed that you can’t judge, even when you think you have walked a mile in their shoes. No one will ever know how I manage (or don’t manage) my level of stress,. I am certainly not helping with signing up for things like school yearbook and webmaster. Oh I didn’t tell you that I am in charge of producing the yearbook for 500 elementary students? Yeah. Slap me wouldya? I’m desperately trying to finish it all this month. Our last lacrosse game is May 2nd and the yearbook is due a week later. Until then I’m afraid I will be very punchy, so remember don’t poke the bear!

Here we go week 15. You can catch up on the past Life In Session post here if you have a couple hours to spare.

140409_117_JV v LosAl

Damn autofocus.

140409_118_JV v LosAl


140409_194_JV v LosAl

I like me some negative space. They make good title holders for end of season slideshows, not that I signed up to make one. *cough*

140409_295_JV v LosAl


See? PicMonkey just came out with some new fonts for premium members. I use this site when I am too lazy to fire up PhotoShop. Slacker.

140409_473_JV v LosAl

This is the glamourous life of a JV team without a stadium to play in. No jumbotron, just a lumpy patch of parched grass riddled with gopher holes. Yolo!

140409_192_JV v LosAl

 We won! we actually won a game! Gatorade on the house.

140409_370_JV v LosAl

These two are friends, born a day a part (just like their jerseys say), they are two peas in a pod. They have grown up a lot since I last blogged about them in the summer of 2011, making a pie for Mikey. <— look how much these two have changed.

So this week I brought my car back to the dealership, this time to have the tint I took off  a couple weeks ago put back on, I know how badass right?  Hardly. Lets not temp fate. I love my dealership becuase they always hook me up with a cool loaner.  Or so I thought.  Apparently my 328 GT wasn’t that cool because that afternoon some dude in his convertible M6 looked at me and gave me the big thumbs down. WTF people. I slumped in my seat.  “Why did he just do that?” Super A asked. “Because  he’s lame” I snapped. “Lets go home and get some eggs to throw.”  She snickered and then proceeded to remind me EVERY 5 minutes thereafter that some guy gave me the thumbs down.  So Im not that modchik I thought I was in my cute loaner? Whatevs douchebag.


I’m still under the influence of Beck.  testing out the streaming music in the loaner.

Photo Apr 08, 5 02 28 PM

I went to Sprinkles and discovered they make mini cupcakes, as in 2 bites. They are perfect when you need a cupcake but your jeans are saying otherwise.

We went to the bookstore and I made her pose with our beloved Angel, Mike Trout. She said people were starring at her.

Mike and Ava


We are spoiled don’t think I don’t know it you Mainers who might be seeing this and thinking she has no idear.


She is obsessed with braids. Its kind of necessary we haven’t cut our hair since the first day of school. Yep I’m that mom who never seems to be able to schedule that hair bears appt.


Breakfast. So if you go to Whole Foods they have candied pecans at the steel oats station and if you close your eyes you’d swear you were eating a sticky bun.

Oatmeal kombucha

In preparation for a trip to NY I made an appt. with the vet. Everyone in this family knows that nothing stresses out my cat more than when we leave on a trip. As soon as that suitcase comes out she freaks. Unfortunately she kinda comes unglued and then that leads to other issues including tremors and a whole host of UTI conditions that neither you and I want to read about. No one has ever been able to really diagnose her. We know she is prone to vomiting so she’s on a strict diet, its nothing strange but we cant deviate. I still give her a shot of whipped cream (from the can) and a tiny bite of turkey but I don’t mess with her wet and dry food. Ever. We have a new drug, Cerenia that they give to dogs for nausea. It seems strong for her but it does seem to pull her back from the ledge when things get ugly. We also decided we should rule out shunts (it has to do with bile emptying straight into the bloodstream) I bit the bullet and used my last 250.00 in my account. What could I do. It may be the answer and then we can start treating it. As cranky as she is with strangers (I have to lock her up at home) she was the bell of the ball. They absolutely loved having her hang around for the day. I was like, um you sure you are talking about Weebee?

I showed the vet my favorite photo app. (hipstamatic) and then took enough for a collage. You’re welcome. Click for wallpaper.


Made a nordy run. Ran into the over under event, which is really cruel if you ask me. They trot out all the 4s and 5s along with the 10 and over, no sale (which by the way confuses everyone Nordstrom) which means I sit there and have an entire rack to try on since I fall in that range. Trying to find a good fitting, reasonably cute show in 10.5 is really REALLY hard. I have basically narrowed it down to two things tennis shoes (Nike or Coach) and flats (AGL). And I can’t wear just any shoe because I have a really narrow foot with a non existent arch. Blah blah blah as my husband would say.



I then decided to take a look at swim. Tried on one bathing suit and silently wept in the fitting room. Not feeling so stoked about upcoming bathing suit season. I would rather wear a burka or a full body rash guard. I love this one from W Swim with a nod to ACE Hotel Palm Springs. (my fav ACE photo from the Oasis Retreat)


teen boy smiling in car

I went to Costco the other day to get steaks. This is my go to for Prime steaks, although I will say that the quality is not a high as it once was, Costco and I go way back, heck my dad was a founding member. God how much did I love when my dad let my sister and I go to Costco with him? Pallets stacked to roof with ginormous containers of chips, licorice and computers that were the size of a small Prius. I’m pretty sure going to buy some “floppy discs” was code for I need a hit, and we all know that bulk item shit is like crack for moms and dads. I am the same way. Nothing cures my blues like a $500 Costco binge.  Nothing.

So anyway I was saying, I was buying steaks and then I saw the Seafood Road Show (a good hook up for wild shrimp) they had wild Halibut for 9.99 a pound! You had to buy the chunk and no filets, which is fine as long as you have a VERY sharp knife. I laid out that thing and tried as hard as I could just butchered it, pun intended. I hacked and I sawed and then I broke out the sheers and just started mutilating the thing. I know I left more on the bone that what I had to cook. I decided since to make tacos out of it. Here’s my quick fish rub I did on the fly.


Sunday night Fish Tacos CLICK FOR RECIPE 



These were THE BEST fish tacos I have ever made. Soooo mild and delicious. We made a quick mango salsa (I use GPs Mango Salsa Recipe) and piled the fish on top GF corn tortillas with a spoonful of ranchero style beans, guacamole, chopped tomatoes and a dash of hot sauce. I could eat this every week.

heartbleedAnd like that the week comes to a close but not without some concern for all my personal info being uncovered via the Open SSL vulnerability known as Heartbleed. Wait… you don’t know about Heartbleed??? Ok you have homework. Watch this video on What Is Heartbleed and then go check out the list of websites affected  put together by Mashable. And then go change ALL YOUR PASSWORDS. I just got an email yesterday from Twitter who automatically changed my password after intrusion detected.

Seriously folks go change all your passwords. And please use something harder than beiber4ever.

See you soon its already time for Week 16.

PS You know I’m going to say it. The plane is still missing. Let’s send up a collective prayer for the relatives and hope that wreckage is found soon. Six long weeks.

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