Decorated Sugar Cookies

December 24, 2013 0 , , Permalink

It's almost here! One more sleep. I am ready for a long winter's nap myself but there is no rest with a seven year doing laps around the kitchen island singing, "Santa's coming tonight tonight, Santa's coming tonight!" I tried handing her a bottle of rainbow sprinkles and said, "sort this." She actually considered it for a nanosecond. We're waiting for our dough to be cold enough to make my mom's decorated sugar cookies for Santa. Can't forget the carrots either. So tell me what do you leave for Santa?

Mini Cinnamon Rolls

I have been seeing people sharing recipes on Pinterest for mini cinnamon rolls lately, maybe its a back to school thing. I know one thing is common in all of these recipes, they use refrigerated dough.  I decided to give them a try and enlisted the help of my six year old daughter Ava.  I used ingredients I bought at Trader Joe's including the (new to me) crescent dough. It was fast and easy,for you non-bakers you CAN do this. Start to finish 20 minutes, promise. Ava who would cook morning noon and night if I let her made the entire batch while I hovered around with the big camera. I think what I love most about these rolls is the texture of the finished roll, using the crescent dough (make sure you bake them long enough) gives them a flaky crunch you dont get with canned rolls. These mini cinnamon rolls are a fraction of the ...

Tuna Salad | Eat with Caution

I have had an overwhelming desire to make comfort foods lately. I know why.  Cooking helps me to relax and reminds me of  when I was a kid, my mom made everything from scratch. One thing we loved on the weekends was a tuna sandwich. There were no tuna kits or local Subways if you wanted tuna you needed a can opener first. We ate a lot of tuna back then before we knew better about PCBs and unsafe levels of mercury in the fish wich is such a shame as I LOVE tuna especially sushi. Here's the part where I tell you that I am very sensitive to mercury levels in fish so I limit myself to how much tuna and swordfish I consume. I only eat Light Tuna instead of albacore and why I think YOU SHOULD TOO. Be advised it is considered dangerous to consume fish with high levels of methyl-mercury.  The FDA's ...