Leaving the Nest


A few weeks ago while scanning Facebook I saw a post from the University of Arizona about a recently discovered hummingbird nest that was perched above a walkway, on the very end of a dangling cable at the new Environmental and Natural Resources Building (ENR2). They set up a camera within inches, allowing us to watch their every move. We began watching a little over a week ago. Click to watch UOA Hummingbird cam. << only hours left (as of today August 15th) Yesterday sister "Jill" left the nest for good, today we sit and watch as brother "Jack" gets ready to take flight.  Its been hard for me not to become fixated on this tiny bird. I stream it on my phone and leave it on during dinner, I check in on him throughout the say and then one last time before I go to sleep. This morning he seems closer to being ready. His mom comes back ever so briefly for a quick meal.  I find myself cheering him as he steps to the edge and stretches his wings, he grips tightly to the ...

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It's that time of year, we're half way through summer, actually we are more than half way now aren't we, our circadian rhythm in sync with the dog days of summer. Forgotten are the days of lunch packing, carpool, soccer practice, tutor circuit. I have to admit a part of me relishes the slower pace while the other part is absolutely pulling their hair out. You know the drill ... children checked out in front of the TV, mounting piles of laundry followed by the inevitable .... "I'm bored." It's just about enough to make me wish school started next week. But if I were to do that, then I'd miss out on those things only seem to happen as we wind down summer; eat dinner outside, go for ice cream and replacing showers with night dips in the pool.  In a few weeks with our XL Twin sheets in tow, we leave for Arizona to drop Super B at college. Yes, college friends. For that reason alone I'd like time to slow to a crawl please and since serious time dilation only seems to happen a million light ...

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Then and Now


Can I just say how weird it feels  to blog? I miss it. Almost as much as I miss my cat. I've come to realize that in a sea of domestic duties, checkbook balancing and other parental responsibility that this little corner of the interwebz was more than a little side gig, it was my creative reprieve. When I don't blog or journal my feelings begin to ball up and there's blockage. Kinda like my intestines feel after I eat my weight in Cheez its, I'm bound, bloated and just miserable. I've come to accept that my life has changed and with that change comes the need to flex and adapt to said changes. The one this that I absolutely LOVE about blogging is the documentation aspect. I have over 5 years now (granted there are some big gaps) but I have those years, mainly photos that show me what it was like to be a mom, to be the new kid on the block of blogs, to go through tremendous heartache, to return to the workforce, all of it.  Even when I don't blog I am here, tweaking and fixing and ...

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First time in New York City


Doing a little housekeeping on the blog I came across the recap of my first trip to New York City just sitting there in draft mode. I wrote this exactly one year ago.  Although I'm not exactly sure why I never published the post I do remember falling deeply in love with the city, its energy, the boroughs, the sights and of course style. I had read so many things about New York City, seen the photos, heard the stories yet never got myself there until just a few weeks ago! last year. A couple months after Tofino, the group decided waiting another year before getting together would be far too long, some of us needing the trip more than others myself included. New York was at the top of the list and when I admitted I had never actually been to NYC, it became quite clear it was time to go to NYC.  I agreed to go but as we got closer and people started dropping out I held back on buying a ticket. I talked about my anxiety leading up to the trip in week 17. I didn't know what to expect. ...

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Mini Chicken Pot Pies


Everytime I want something warm, something creamy, something wrapped in flaky crispy crust I go to my Chicken Pot Pie recipe. Its based off an old Epicurious recipe that included funs tuff like bacon and frenched green beans. All I really need to do on this one is make sure I can find a rotisserie chicken, everything else I usually always have on hand. ...

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Survival Mode


I survived. That's what I want my t-shirt to say. The one I would wear so that when people I haven't seen or talked to in a while ask "What happened?"  I can just point to my chest. I had every intention of starting off the year with a renewed sense of purpose and felt pretty good about dipping my toe in the waters of blogging but then the Universe or was it The Adjustment Bureau? had other plans. In February unbeknownst to me, our cat Weebee began to show symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease. I applied my usual band-aid treatments unaware of what was really happening, she was entering end stage renal failure. I made a mental note to schedule her annual exam and carried on but something felt off, I won't say wrong but there was something going on, I felt like I had been plopped down in the middle of the ocean and I could sense a big set was building I just didn't know from where or how big. Soon after I posted about feeling the transitions we made a big decision, rather my ...

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