Fun Sized // Week 44

Oh how I was not looking forward to this day. Actually it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Do you remember my dental PSA post I wrote? That was almost three years ago. I started on that path with a new dentist and a renewed sense of hope that we could work down the list of ‘things to do’ in my mouth. Six months later my world came crashing down with Lily’s accident. I remember the next time being in the dental chair crying through my story about what happened. Then the hygienist started to cry.  It as miserable.  It was obvious I had a few more important things than a crown that needed attention.  I had more things go wrong and it seemed that every time they opened a tooth they sealed it back up only to send me back to my husband for a root canal. I took some time away from the chair and it came back to haunt me. January of 2012 I found myself in a dental surgeons office with an infected impacted wisdom tooth. Good times. After I recovered from that (and the flu that brought me close to the light) I took a break and my dentist made sure I knew he didn’t like it. Needless to say that relationship ended.

Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset

Last April, a year later. I met a new naturopath and I asked if she could refer me to a dentist.  Turns out hers is just across the hallway. I walked out of her office and straight into theirs. 2 weeks later my consultation turned into deep gum scaling, ouch but hey I was on my way to recovery. Summer came and I abandoned all appointment like I always do. I needed a few months to scrape up some cash for that shiny new porcelain crown. One of many to come. When I finally showed up turns out my new dentist sold the practice.  Not to be derailed I said fine book me with the new dentist and there I was last Monday. One crown down, 3 more to go. The moral of the story don’t put off your dental appointment. 

After that the rest of the week was a cake walk.

Not much happening, just the usual work and kids stuff. Stress levels have been high. Don’t let the pretty photos fool you, we’ve been oscillating somewhere between defcon level 4 and 5. If its not the IRS, its the disappointing progress report that just came in the mail,  or the child that sounds like she is coughing up a lung for 3 weeks. I’ve been reading about other parents of seniors who are riding the same rollercoaster of college app hell, I am no exception, I’m just paying someone else to handle it for me. I have enough on my plate.

Speaking of plates. I cooked a bit this week.

Elizabeth 07

Sorry that’s a craptastic photo but the dish is delish, my friends will remember it from back in the day – Bon Appetit. I will try and add it to the Recipe List but until then here you go.

Chicken with Asiago, Prosciutto and Sage

4 small skinless boneless chicken breasts (halve them down the middle = 2 thin pcs.)

4 TBL flour (add salt and pepper) into resealable bag

6 TBL unsalted butter, divided
1/2 cup asiago cheese
8 thin prosciutto slices,
2/3 cup dry white wine
2 teaspoons minced fresh sage
4 whole sage leaves (for garnish)

Preheat oven 375 F

  1. Melt 4 tablespoons butter in large skillet over medium-high heat.
  2. Drip chicken breasts into flour mixture in bag, shake off extra (you want as little flour as possible (or your pan will SMOKE.)
  3. Melt half the butter and maybe a dash of canola oil in saute pan over med-high heat.
  4. Add 2-3 chicken breasts – do not overcrowd, you want the pan to remain sizzling hot. Turn chicken over once it has reached golden brown (approx 3-5 min per side)
  5. Remove and let chicken rest on a paper towel lined plate. Finish cooking remaining breasts. Transfer cooked chicken to a foil lined rimmed baking sheet. Sprinkle 2 tablespoons cheese, top each with a prosciutto slice. Bake until chicken is cooked through, about 5 minutes.
  6. Meanwhile, place pan back on med-high heat. add wine, minced sage, and 2 tablespoons butter to skillet. Simmer until reduced to 1/4 cup, scraping up browned bits, about 4 minutes.
  7. Transfer chicken breasts to platter. Top each with sage leaf drizzle pan sauce over, and serve.

Tastes like chicken pizza. Mmmmmmmn.

And because love for all things breaded or just bread itself was Parmesan and Sage Crusted Pork Chops (Cooking Light) and  Vanilla Bean Pound Cake << box mix (King Arthur)

pound cake and pork chops


Sunrise and sunset.

Red sky at night, sailors delight. Red sky at dawn sailor’s be warned.

Kids had Halloween festivities since they are out of school on Friday.


141030_Halloween_65I’ was actually looking forward to just hanging out with the kids Friday, cooking and carving. I’m always stressed out Halloween don’t ask me why, probably because I usually work on that day so having it off is a big deal to me. I’m thankful, then I can binge eat all the Butterfingers and wash them down with a good beer all before 3 pm. Yey me.

Started Friday with the picking up of my first CSA box from Tanaka Farms, go read about that place in Week 41.

I started my chili not long after that. It sits on the stove for 4 hrs and its soooooo so so GOOD. The recipe is here.


We picked out our pumpkin stencils on Zombie Pumpkin, I paid my 2 bucks and downloaded her choice, a seagull. (she is slightly obsessed with gulls) I found mine on – you can pretty much find any cat breed here. Its borderline crazy cat lady-ish I know.





Man am I in trouble or what. I’m just beginning to get a glimpse of my future dressed in throwback 80’s garb. Where’s that beer?


LOL. My kids, my props.


My dinner. My tradition continues… grabbing my chili, beer and NOT butterfinger because I can’t find them (its official I am old.) I sat outside in my beach chair and passed out candy to 10 of my trick o’ treaters and then 121031_274_Halloweenpacked in in because it started raining but not before I snagged a bag of Fritos for my second bowl from the neighbor who was kind enough to think, hey someone might want a snack. That reminds me, the other neighbor who I most look forward to seeing lives two doors down in the one story with the rose garden in front that is in dire need of a good trim. She loves her roses but she can’t take care of them, she can barely walk now, she’s 99. I have photos from 2012 that I have been meaning to share, just as I have been meaning to write about her. Last year she didn’t sit in her garage next to a folding table and a large bowl of full sized candy bars. She must have been ill. But she was back this year with her caregiver and grandson, although she doesn’t know who I am anymore. We’ve been neighbors for almost 15 years. She was 85 when I met her, living alone and traveling solo to places like Moscow.  She told me about a boss who scolded her for stepping on top of a 1 cent stamp. She said she learned that day to never forget the value of something even as small as a penny. She went on to be an entrepreneur herself,  owning several nursing schools up and down the state of California.  She becomes a centenarian in January.

Saturday I worked hard to finish up the newest part of my photography website – the Shop!

ScreenHunter_113 Nov. 02 08.36

WALL-E 11x17 mock up

I added all the print work I had done for the RAW show I did back in June, oh yeah I never blogged about that either. Well I did a show it was awesome and I will post a recap one of these days. yadda yadda yadda. I am offering FREE SHIPPING on all the pieces through Nov. 20th CODE: FBFREESHIP.  .. the shop is here.


After 8 hrs on the computer, I ruined perfectly good (almost GF) healthy cookies by adding smashed up Heath bars from the Halloween candy stash. #notsorry



Good TV night … watched last nights Sonic Highways (why can’t TV be good like this ALL THE TIME!?!?)  So far DC has been my favorite, I am in love with that GoGo beat.

I stayed up for Prince. Did NOT disappoint. Time to start up the concert fund.

Photo Nov 02, 12 10 21 AM

and speaking of fun size … I found my butterfingers.


10 am snack again #notsorry (but will be when I try to zip pants)

Processed with VSCOcam with c2 preset

Super A and I went out shopping where I proceeded to impulsively buy a car coat off the SALE rack at Nordstrom. Maybe I will get a chance to wear it in February, weather app says 90 next week.  I rounded out that purchase with my 6 dollar purchase for pizza seasonings at SLT.  We stopped in at The Melt, she tried her first grilled cheese sandwich ever. She told me she wouldn’t like, turns out, she loved it.



Made carrot soup Sunday. (feeling a bit guilty about the breakfast of Butterfingers perhaps or maybe it was Fridays downpour and crisp morning after I can’t say. We used the CSA carrots and thyme from what’s left of my dwindling garden ( I let it go this year.)  Still need to figure out what to do with all the lettuce. Too bad our bearded dragon is in hibernation mode, he would be in heaven.  Anyway I will leave you with that thought and the recipe.

Carrot & Ginger Soup

  • Roast 8-10 medium Carrots in oven 45 minutes (covered with a little water) 350
  • saute 1 large Sweet Onion, 2 chunks of fresh ginger (I like Dorot’s cubed)  and fresh thyme for 10 minutes until translucent and soft.
  • Add 2 cups of chicken broth and simmer for a minute.
  • Add everything including carrots into blender. Run on high until smooth. Use caution contents are hot.
  • Pour into pan add a dash of half and half, white pepper and salt to season (I used spicy curry salt) and bring to simmer.

5 Days of Instant Film | Week 43

Its been a fun week with my cameras. I have forced myself to get outside and shoot with my pack camera for Polaroid Week. These are the cameras you see often as ‘props’ the pop out with accordion like bellows and smell like breaking down plastic. I just know they can’t be the healthiest thing to handle.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

snapitseeit_instagramIt was really cool to start out Polaroid Week as a featured artist on Snap It See It, a site that is dedicated to preserving the art of film photography specifically instant photography. I had the pleasure of meeting one of the contributors at SISI, Melissa Mercado (she’s standing next to me) on my trip to NYC in April. I immediately fell right in sync with her style of shooting, she is really one of the nicest people I have met. I’m so glad she decided to jump right in to our informal polawalk that day, I always tell people who want to get in to photography (film or digital) to find like minded people and go walk around with your cameras together. You never know what it will lead to! I have to think I wouldn’t have been featured if I had not met my new friends, Melissa, Marcelo and Nancy that day.

Marcelo_group shot polawalk

Brooklyn Polawalk April 2014  —–  photo credit: Marcelo Yáñez

Everyday, except Friday I shot something new.

Monday I grabbed my Automatic 100 and found there was film in from who knows when, I think 2012. I went out in my backyard and fired off some test shots. I love this camera, it came with a wind timer on the strap so you don’t have to count to yourself. The peel apart instant film has a range of development times, today was about 90 seconds.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

The final picture. Super happy with the blue shadows.


Strangely enough this photo was ‘explored’ on Flickr which is similar to the popular page on Instagram and yet no one could tell you how and why other than it worked with the current algorithm used to compute its popularity. I attribute the Polaroid week pool to its getting on the explored list, It was kinda shocking to see this photo had over 10K views and held the spot of #10 out of 500 for a few days. The next morning it was up to 23K views. Crazy.

The next day after work I stopped by the Orange Circle, a roundabout where lots of photographers go to wander the historic district and look for cameras in the basements of the antique stores, which I did and I found a couple gems. I’m going to give them away at Christmas time :D 

Processed with VSCOcam with t2 preset


Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

Wind was proving to be a challenge to find a save place to let the photos dry. When you peel them they are goopy with developer. I usually carry dried out baby wipes and scissors to clean them up, Save your film box, its a handy photo carrier. 

The next day I drove to a nearby park, This isn’t just any park its a 117 year old park filled with towering oak trees and wild peacocks. I stalked a peacock for awhile trying to get him to step in a patch of sunlight but I don’t know if I got him. I’ll find out when the film comes back in Week 45.

This old film is proven to be quite teal itself.

Processed with VSCOcam with m1 preset

Next day it was black and white (after my 360 Land camera ATE a pack of color film) That’s the thing about these cameras, they break. A lot. So now I have two cameras that are in need of a trip to the camera doc.


You can see all the photos in my 2014 Polaweek Flickr Album

Friday … burn….. out. I shared a few scans from photos I took here >> Palm Spring Week 6 but I don’t think I shot anything new. I needed to spend some time doing anything other than shooting. Like make a phone call or dinner. Hard for me to find the balance especially during weeks like these.


One of my all time favorite Instax Wide shots.

I got a couple rolls back from theFINDlab from Week 41 it has been determined that a) I dont like pink clouds (theFind+Portra160 = pink everything) and b) I am an Ektra girl. Although I just shot Provia on Sunday and we’ll see if that Fuji film fits me or not.


Comparing my dad’s slide film to current day Ektra… Have I mentioned how happy I am to be shooting film. That’s me and my sister on the left.

film slide 1971 ektar 120 2014

Saturday my sister resumed her annual Halloween party after a couple years on hiatus. I could not think of anything so I went on Amazon and peiced together a costume. Super easy. 10 items. (see list below)

geisha_costume1.Old Shanghai Kimono Robe, 2.China Girl Wig (comes with sticks),3. wig cap,4. Tabi Socks,5. Japanese Sandals,6. Loreal Perfecting Base (primer) 7. Mehron Cream Makeup Stick (Alabaster), 8. Baby Powder (to set makeup), 9. Rimmel Lipstick by Kate in Matte Red, NYX red lip liner,10. red eyeshadow (you set your lipstick with this too),

And this is me trying on my first kimono.brought to us by a foreign exchange student. He gave my mom the fan I am holding above. :D


 They made perfect costumes.


Sunday I had a session with a long time friend and her daughters. I can’t believe I have known her girls since they were in diapers. Her oldest (holding the Polaroid) is the same age as Super B, we lived just a couple streets over and did a lot together with our kids.

Lydon and taylor

When she recently was crowned homecoming queen I couldn’t help but feel a proud. It makes me so happy to see kids I knew as babies blossom into extraordinary young adults. I had a lot of fun coaxing these two into putting down their phones down long enough to get a couple great shots.


Here’s a photo from two different perspectives:


I really love this part, sitting down to see what was shot that day.

Unfortunately tomorrow starts another week and Halloween is almost here so I’m not sure how I am going to get it all done, probably on a diet of candy corn and beer I suspect. Either way it will all get done. Do you do anything special to prep for Halloween? Oh I know a question for you, how many of you carve your pumpkins early? Me? I’m carving up until the first trick or treater. But then again I do crazy pumpkins remember last year?

Think Breaking Bad.



Comfort Stuff // Week 42

I’m cooking my favorite comfort food for a friend, even if its still 85 degrees outside. I’ve been ready for roasted ot vegetables, soups and stews since school started but So Cal weather isn’t cooperating.  I had the pleasure of making dinner for another family who’s oldest just underwent some pretty extensive knee surgery, I have a soft spot for her because I too had a similar surgery but instead of fixing mine when it happened, I waited 10 years. Spring Break, 1991, final semester at college. Looking back that was not a decision I would not make lightly again. I completely derailed my studies by failing to finish college.  Anyway let’s just say my ACL surgery was life altering so I wanted to help.

My favorite favorite favorite fall recipe from Gourmet Magazine (2001) Boeuf Bourguignon, that’s fancy for Beef Stew.

Don’t skip on any of the ingredients, trust me on this one, including those teeny tiny boiled onions.  Bonus if you can find pre-cubed stew meat. I browned 4 lbs of it that day.


saute carrots and onions

These are the carrots we pulled from the ground at Tanaka farms last week.

beef bourguignon

I even busted out the bread maker. My 8 yr. old said “WHAT IS THAT?!?!” if that give you any idea of how long its been.  I used a box mix, set it to Regular Loaf and a couple hours later – perfection. King Arthur Vermont Cheddar Mix I heard it was a winner.

vermont cheddar bread in bread maker

I didn’t have enough to make two loaves so I made focaccia using King Arthur’s Italian Style Flour . Not bad for my first attempt, I had a flat area that don’t poof. Hmmmm… My kids also din’t like the coarse salt and picked it all off. Sheesh. I loved the salt personally. Mopped up EVOO and Balsamic perfectly.


I have my birds with me today as I wear my feather in a bottle, thanks Deb. I’m wearing a jacket I picked up during a Target run. I call it my woobie because I practically sleep in it.

Photo Oct 24, 2 02 51 PM

Next day I mailed off 2 rolls from week 41. I hope these aren’t all totally blown out. I’m using two labs right now, one local and TheFind out in Utah. Everyone seems to have their favorite but I’m still in what I call the “courting” stage.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset




our youngest employee turned 21, that means only ONE thing in my book ..




Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset

Sidecar Donuts has not only donuts like maple bacon, they serve Stumptown coffee and spin vinyl.

The office took him to the season opener game. DUCKS 2 Minnesota 1.

Processed with VSCOcam with f1 preset

Late TONIGHT the new Foo Fighters series Sonic Highways premieres on HBO. I am BEYOND STOKED because this means NEW MUSIC aaaaaaaand NEW SHOWS!  It’s been three long years since I last saw them live, the same night I got to shoot them for 3 songs. I will never forget that moment of taking a deep breath, closing my eyes while chanting to myself “this is just another band, this is just another band… calm the *&^! down Lindsey…”  and then it happened … stomach churning I grip my insanely heavy 400 mm zoom, I check the ISO, the music starts I can feel the guitars rumbling through my chest. I look up and I see a flash of turquoise, here we go …. a mop of shiny brown hair heaves from side to side, front to back revealing a mouthful of chicklet sized teeth.  The only thing I could think of was that my lens was not going to be fast enough for Dave. You can see some of the photos here >>portfolio/projects/foo



I was also asked to share another favorite Foo Fighter show moment on The Jet Set Family – you want to relive a show? check out this collection of short stories… Foo Fans you will love this compilation and its OPEN for contributors so share your favorite moment with Nic.!

ScreenHunter_102 Oct. 24 14.49

The show is incredible, I was blown away. Honestly I thought OK, here we go this is going to be one huge promofest but you know what? It wasn’t at all what I thought it was going to be. Instead its a look at the Foos beginnings, who influenced them and how a city’s roots reflected a certain sound. Finely detailing the emergence of rock and roll and its brotherhood of cross culture sounds. They weave the musical history with stories and sounds in these recording studios along the way. In the very last few minutes your payload is dropped and all the accumulative work comes together in one masterful sonic piece. I got a chill (albeit not a metal one) from hearing the first couple notes of First Breath After Coma ( Explosions in the Sky) from The Earth is Not A Cold Dead Place (iTunes) begin to play as Dave begins to reflect on Chicago. Ironically it’s a piece of music from another weekly series I once was in love with, Friday Night Lights. Listen you’ll recognize that echoing sound. I played that song relentlessly, I would edit to it, write to it and just space out to it … and then one day as I layed down on my yoga mat (first time in five years) that song played and I knew I was right where I was supposed to be, like someone had dropped me an audio cue to let me know,  you’re doing it right. I think that’s exactly what the Foo Fighters new album is all about, taking notice of all the cues.

Rock on and tune in tonight at 11pm PST. HBO.

Saturday, I messed around all day on the computer trying to organize photos, update my portfolio and finish a couple articles for a couple people, I feel a bit worn out to be honest. I feel like the whole blogging thing is starting to consume me too. Why can’t I just be OK with minimal effort on things. *rolls eyes* I’m so tired,. I plopped myself down on Super B’s bed late Saturday and watched him play online until I could not ignore the little one coughing from her bed, my kids have been sick for a while. Before I left he asked if we could go to breakfast. Hmmmm I thought that’s weird. Nice but still weird, wonder what he wants.

Photo Oct 18, 2 05 08 PM


We make it out a little too late the next morning so lunch it is. My favorite spot R&D, 2 cokes, tuna for him, french dip for me and shoestring fries drizzled in truffle oil. And I wonder why I can’t button my favorite jeans anymore. We talked about colleges and and cars and how good Coke in a bottle tastes. I am going to miss him next year. I feel like things are going well right now for him. I hope there are no surprises coming up. I feel like we are in the homestretch of this college app thing.  Seven more months and he’ll be 18.


Polaroid Week 2014

Ok, bonus post this week.  Today starts Day 1 of Polaroid Week (formerly known as ‘RoidWeek.) If you are just joining us this is Part 2, the Autumn series, part one happens in May. A long time tradition that used to happen just once a year has now spawned into a biannual thing.  I always look forward to immersing myself into all things instant, if only for the week. Think you won’t be hooked? Just wait. Your Saturday will feel a little less fun when you see no new photos and the group Flickr pool closed.

And excuse the self promotion… today also coincides with my feature on Snap It See It. They asked me to answer a few questions including tips for new instant photographers along with some of my favorite images over the years. That alone took me a few hours to pull together. I’m sure I dated myself with “how long have you been shooting instant” but I’m happy representing the 40+ demographic.  Werd. :D

snap it see it artist spotlight lindsey garrett

It’s not too late

No camera? You can buy an instant camera locally, try a Polaroid 300, I think they have them at every Walmart or Target, or better yet order an Instax mini or even better the wider Instax 210 has come down in price ($50USD) probably because the new model is due out in spring.


I love the Fuji vivid color. 

Photo Sep 28, 10 45 46 AM

Are you the old school type? You can try eBay (shop highly rated sellers), but your better off going to Goodwill, swap meet or antique shop. There are also stores that refurbish and test, I have heard great things about RareMedium (Seattle, WA) and I bought my SLR680 from Impossible Project.  If you are buying at the flea market or antique mall remember to bring an open pack of film  that works to test the camera. I always save a used cartridge and load it with my exposed reject shots.  If you use a fresh pack there is a a way to place the black card back in the film pack to save the remaining shots, Meghan is the queen of that. You have to practice, she can do it feeding the black slide through the camera opening right back into the pack so you can switch film mid pack. Take your used film cartridge, pop it in, click and wait for the whirrl… if it spits out a photo at least you know its not DOA. If you really want to test to see if it works you’ll have to buy some expired Polaroid film, the newer stuff from Impossible takes upwards of an hour (sometimes longer) to develop.

I bought my JobPro at an antique mall for $20. Its still going strong in fact I may just trot it out this week.

JOBPRO Polaroid Camera

How to incorporate your instant photos into the digital space.

I am a big fan of the picture in a picture look. Especially on instagram because well, I’m a bit of a purest when it comes to my IG feed. “iPhone only as should be, just sayin” ya know I don’t mind the occasional film scan but I just can’t see the point of making that your tiny digital portfolio when there are other places more suited for just that. I don’t know about you but I like “taking photos and simultaneously sharing ON THE LINE

Some favorites:

  • Flickr Blog A picture of a Polaroid
  • #instaxagram – where you line up the instant photo and reshoot with your phone. (the hashtag has turned NSFW unfortunately)

Chillaxin with the #instaxagram

ScreenHunter_101 Oct. 20 16.31

You can also make a collage out of them like I do from time to time. These are a total zen thing for me. Mindless sorting.


I got out of my chair and shot this for Day 1. Amazingly enough the film still worked. I had no idea there was film in an old Land 100 Automatic pack camera. The thing smells caustic too. I’m pretty sure the plastic case around it is beginning to break down.


To get in on the fun add your photos to the Flickr Group // follow Polaroidweek on Twitter and Facebook //  hashtag #polaroidweek – see you over there!

A Polaroid by its nature makes you frugal. You walk around with maybe two packs of film in your pocket. You have twenty shots, so each shot is a world. – Patti Smith




GF Finds // Week 41

Mondays co-pilot, she’s been especially friendly lately and I’m not sure why. She’s watching me fumble as I attempt to answer some work emails. My typing has gotten so bad I am beginning to think I spend more time correcting then typing. What is it? Are my fingers just not firing as fast or accurately? I bought a new keyboard, I thought that would help but no. I’m also a look-down-as-I-type kinda girl which seems to trip me up. Bottom line I am beginning to feel old. Ok, old-er. Think about poor Weebs she’s getting up there in cat years, next month she’ll be twelve! I call her Grandma because she stretches a lot as she gets up.  She sure looks good for 65. (see cat calculator)
Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

I stopped by Sur La Table to check out the SALE … scored me a new Le Creuset lasagna pan in eggplant (that’s purple to you and me) I’m so thrilled. Have I mentioned that they will give photographers a professional discount? Props anyone? I also came away with no less than 3 new bread mixes… (pics and reviews see Week 42.)

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

And we are just going to continue on with the food theme. I took my camera on a little tour of my pantry. Here are my new favorites: SOME but not all are Gluten Free, which is something I am striving for, I’m not even 75% there but I’m close.

Dole Banana Dippers IN BULK (Costco)

It’s all about the size. When you only get 4 slices in a pack that can be $$$. I literally have to shove them in the back or bottom of the freezer because the teen will wipe me out clean. Here’s my favorite shake: DreamBlend Nut Milk + RAW RESERVE Greens & Proteins chocolate + 1 pack Dole Dippers. BOOM! Delish.



TaDah! Falafel Wrap (Whole Foods)

Many nights I am not in the mood for meat, I am about 90% vegetarian now. So when its meat on the menu I stick in one of these Falafel Wraps in the oven and I am HAPPY. Mix a little plain yogurt and fresh dill & mint WAY HAPPPPPY!


Trader Joe’s GF Chocolate Chip Cookies

Oh Lord these are good. So thin and crispy. They have the perfect amount of sweet and salty, they stick to my teeth and I love it.




Is it me or do these taste like cookie dough? Again, I have to hide from the teenager. Maple Pumpkin Seed is my favorite. I blame my coworkers on this new obsession.


Trader Joe’s gluten free Granola

warning *** addictive ***. I discovered this in Colorado last month, I have to say Tara did warn me. Now I can’t eat my Muselix without a handful, or my yogurt, or my oatmeal. Sometimes I just stand right there and graze. I have also bought the family size made by Bakery on Main at Sprouts 22 oz. for 8.99, its not cheap but Trader Joes price for 12 oz. is 3.99. My GF office isn’t going to know what hit them when I bring them a bag in the morning.



I like to add this to plain oatmeal to cut the sweetness otherwise you’re better off eating a pastry. Note there may such a thing as too much pumpkin.


Trader Joes Dark Chocolate Almonds GF

Danger Danger. Dark Chocolate with a side of salt lick. Num.


New to the neighborhood,  Pieology. Super A and I have been known to stop in for a ‘snack.’  Basil only. (they have GF crust)


I’ve discovered Bob’s Red Mill’s Mueslix. Even though its not printed on the package according to the webiste they use NON GMO seeds ( I made the chocolate chip cookies on the back, with a few tweaks, I added 1/2 stick of Kerrygold butter and reduced the applesauce by half. My kids LOVED them (again … so good must place on higher shelf or hide.) Best right out of the oven, they get more cake like and lose their crisp with age.


Cooking this week made my favorite gravy with Italian Chicken Sausage and roasted cauliflower. No one knew what the roasted white stuff was until after – then they protested!!! HA! I got em to eat cauliflower.

Mom 1 Dad & kids 0.

Toss chopped cauliflower with a couple tablespoons of Olive Oil, season with salt & pepper and throw it on a pan at 400 for 20-25 minutes.


I add sauted mushrooms to help deepen the flavor of the sauce. Deglaze that crusty pan with Brandy - be very careful with alcohol and an open flame it can ignite. You’ve seen me do that on video right? (No? Oh good Lord watch here for a laugh.)


My mom’s trick, add a little bit of refined sugar to cut the acid.


Bought a new cookbook, Secrets of Longevity while I waited for my acupuncturist appointment. I like what Dr. Mao has put together, recipes and panty lists for foods that are restorative and actually help with healing process. I will make and share my thoughts on some of the recipes here this month.


This is the most beautiful light in the office building I work in, yes I have brought a camera or two into this tiny two stall room. The pink tile is so pretty, I love that one reglued tile that is totally off.

Processed with VSCOcam with a1 preset

Sunday we went to a local country fair back in the hills which ended up to be a smoker and a handful of locals in costume, for some reason the whole thing made Super A really uneasy and we bailed and headed to Tanaka Farms, it’s an organic farm that’s been here since 1940 (its also our local CSA.) I love that its family owned and operated. If you have kids in school here in Orange County, chances are they have been here on a field trip to pick your own strawberries (Spring) or pumpkins in the fall. They also do a corn maze and a pumpkin canon that launches pumpkins into the hillside obliterating them.

Some of my favorite fall pictures have come from this 30 acre farm. Sadly, I can not get Super B to go to a pumpkin patch anymore. That window is gone.

Tanaka Farms 2007

Tanaka Farms 2007 (11 and 18 mos) – sigh.

Here’s a little glimpse into what Super A was like as a baby, she talked this babble stuff with such seriousness all the time. We are on our way to the pumpkin farm with a neighbor friend and the kids.


 My string bean picking string beans.


I shot a few rolls of film here to see what I get in this type of hazy filter light. Its been quite a learning process for me but I am loving it. I will add the film scans here when the come in next week.

(ok I just got them back to day, here’s a peak)



Ektar 100 | Mamiya AFD | TheFindLab

Almost caught up, week 42 is up next on my to do list. And shoot it’s almost Halloweeeeeeeeeen! I have to go put together a costume, wish me luck (thank gawd for Amazon Prime.)

Have a great weekend everyone.

Celebrating 95 // Week 40

We’re starting out on Wednesday this time. No more than a few days have passed since landing and I’m already on my way to the airport. This time to pick up my aunt from North Dahkoootah. I love going to the airport to pick up family. There is no better feeling than seeing some one you love, curbside, toes to the edge awaiting your arrival. Cue opening scene of Love Actually or the end, people dropping bags and running arms outreached tears streaming down their face. Ohhh man passs the Kleenex. Everyone is flying in for my grandmother, GiGi’s 95th birthday on Sunday, including my mom (yey!)


I take the day off to spend some time with my aunt. This is her and a I with her younger sister Laura.


We head down to my favorite spot to take my out-of-towners, Crystal Cove. Its a small strip of beach, north of Laguna developed in the late 1800’s and sold in 2000 to a land developer who had plans to turn it into a luxury resort, one person successfully fought and came up with a proposal to preserve the cottages and rent them out and she won. Today you can visit that beach, have lunch at the Beachcomber (on the beach) or rent a cottage. I always meet the nicest families visiting there (see impromptu photo shoot // Week 30)

Fresh off my contact high from developing first rolls of film, I decided to bring a couple more rolls to the beach.











These scans were my first from The Find Lab. I will say one thing they definitely have a certain ‘Canlas’ look to them. I’m not sure if its the settings, the film or the scanning but I’m seeing a lot of pink in comparison to the Colorado scans, which by the way came in this week so I’ve been all but consumed with 12 rolls that I need to figure out what worked best. If I’m quiet on social media now you know what I’m doing. That and exercising because what I don’t realize this week (spoiler alert) is that next week while standing in line at Panda Express I’m going to send a panic text to my husband that reads: I feel like I am going to pass out.

My aunt hand carries eggs from her farm. You cant believe how fresh they taste.


Sunday is my Grandmothers’ 95th birthday. We’re heading south to my sisters place where I get to hug my mom and meet their newly adopted Boston Terrier, Jersey, who turns out, does not like tall graying men. The husband is heartbroken, he loves dogs. We will have to give him more time, they have only had him for a week.



Les and our friend Heather, whom we refer to as our third sister.




Meet Jersey. Do you like his Angels tag? Ironically our beloved MLB team lost that afternoon in the playoffs.  How is it the team with the BEST record in the league gets eliminated in the first round. We are all a bit shell shocked and turn off the game before its even over. I predict the Royals will take the World Series, they remind me of the Angels Cinderella team of 2002.

I realize by the time the sun is setting I don’t have any good photos to share of my grandmother, I’m kicking myself. I know she would have my hide if I posted anything less than flattering. GiGi all class, all the time. Last year I shot the photo below on her 94th birthday. I loved how she was showing a little leg underneath her flowy hot pink number and her canary yellow sandals. This woman knows her way around a sewing machine, so don’t even think of trying to sell her a garment with unfinished seams, I mean really! how uncouth. When her vision was strong she was the finest of seamstresses and loved her needlepoint. She now has a very small window of vision, but still insists on making her Homemade Fudge Sauce sauce every year.







Happy Birthday GiGi … I can’t wait to see what you wear to your next party!


Photos (except last 5) Mamiya 645AF

scanned by TheFindLab

Colorado // Week 39

So back up a couple weeks ago (I’m a wee bit behind) it was a Wednesday night, I was supposed to be finishing packing but as I took once last look through the ol’ inbox, my eyes narrowed. RE: YOUR SCANS ARE HERE.  Tonight I got to see my very first set of scans from my new-to-me Mamiya 645AF (see week 37.)  I am pretty happy with them, although I think they could be a bit more in focus. Maybe its the film, maybe it the lens or maybe its my eyes and lack of correct dipotic lever use. It reminds me of 9th grade year, fumbling around in 5th period darkroom without any real guidance, giving it your best shot. Sometimes you win sometimes you’re better just lighting a twenty on fire.

A couple favorites.



You can see all the scans on my photo site here.

Back to the business of packing.  I am meeting the group from Tofino (an offshoot from 2012 Oasis and 2011 Asilomar) This time we are off to a secluded cabin in the middle of nowhere, nestled deep within the patchwork mountains of Colorado. So important as an artist to push away from the comforts of your chair and get our in the world and shoot. Even more important is the human connection. You don’t get this in a Facebook group. Hard to condense everything that I extracted out of this weekend into a neat and tidy post but here it goes.


Photo Sep 24, 2 03 42 PM

I’m Leeeeeavin on a Jet Plane – how can you NOT think about that John Denver line, especially when you are travelling to well… Denver! I grew up signing those lyrics as we traveled the back roads in our yellow Volvo stationwagon. Best folk singer (and humanitarian) there ever was.

This morning  I’m scheduled on one of the first flights out of our local airport. We have special noise regulations here, no flights before 7 am or after 11 pm. There are also noise abatement procedures in place,  we call it the bat-out-of-hell takeoff where they basically sling-shot you at a 90 degree angle and then cut power to the engines, that’s the drop you feel,  while quietly ‘coasting’ over “sleeping rich people” as one Southwest attendant joked.

Photo Sep 25, 5 32 22 AM

Processed with VSCOcam with m2 preset

wheels up. can you spot our shadow?

Next stop DEN.

Spent the afternoon downtown, a few quick stops for provisions before we head to the mountains.

DENVERFood truck turned restaurant Pinche Taqueria


 There’s always stops along the way with this group.

It begins. I love seeing #colorado through new eyes. If @modchik wants to shoot it, it must be good. #bhbsteamboat

A photo posted by Corinna Robbins (@birdwannawhistle) on

Corinna’s instagram of me taking this photo … I busted out the 14 mm wide angle and as always I dial up the f stop to 22 to get that  rainbow flare.


Photo Sep 25, 5 49 23 PM

We headed towards to a hidden valley on the way Steamboat Springs about 3 hours from Denver. We hit the aspens at just the right time.

First night is always so much fun. We drop bags and cameras and pick up our glasses. The trip is officially ON and Tara makes us Indian Meatballs with basmati rice.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with s1 preset

The days were bright and sunny, perfect for film with its blues and gold.


My happy place (above and below)

Photo Sep 26, 10 44 47 AM



  me and my mamiya learning how to work together. another. photo credit : cherish bryck photography

Photo Sep 27, 11 35 39 AM

These were taken with a Polaroid back on the Mamiya 645AF, it only gives you an image that is 2 1/2″ x 1 5/8. Kinda like mini proof shots.

Ventured out with a couple things on the docket. Barns and Hot Springs and if anything else comes up then we can add that too. When we are together there is an unspoken rule that at anytime anyone is free to yell STOP!!! Our perfectly patient driver Corinna would proceed to pull over (safely of course) and we would pile out with our bags.  We found a great stretch of highway where you could see far enough that we could make it our studio of the moment. I pulled out a 14mm and shot the road from ground.



same photo cropped  If you squint in you can see 2 little people in a photo sesh along the fence to the left.


Photo Sep 27, 1 45 59 PM


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

And not more than a few yards down that highway we came upon this group.



As soon as we called them they headed right towards us, heads slightly lowered. So sweet.


We spent quite a while lingering. These animals are so majestic, I was trying my best to hide my nervousness. Have you ever pet a horse and felt their giant strength? All at once I have flashbacks the book, ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ I wanted to be a veterinarian after I read that. I could write a whole post about these special equine.



The blondie is Mustard, the extrovert in the group. 140927_Steamboat_54


The owner came out and was so nice about us swarming her horses. She said in a few days these guys were going to be saddled up to move over 600 cattle. No small feat.

Processed with VSCOcam with c2 preset

On to barns. We love barns and their slightly off center structure and weathered look. Finding one settled in the middle of tall grass with patchwork foothills behind it is pure BONUS.


My favorite, shot with the Instax 210.

We made Cherish dress up in her vintage turquoise gown.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

and then she turned the camera on us … I’m way back there on the right.

Processed with VSCOcam with f1 preset

Photo Sep 27, 3 04 08 PM


Photo Sep 26, 5 56 33 PM

Strawberry Hill Hot Springs

There were campfires and stories (and s’mores of course.)



And when we were stuck inside when it rained we used big beautiful bright windows to do portraits (film still forthcoming.) We cook for ourselves, Gluten Free at that and I can saw it wasn’t too difficult, although I did sneak some toast smothered in Kerrygold and it was glorious.


When the rain stopped we went traipsing through an aspen grove and spotted a few deer.




Tara and I snuck out early one morning to grab a sunrise photo. Everything was PINK! It was so still, the only sound you could here was elk of in the woods or the woeful yelp of a restless bloodhound.



photo by lifestyle photographer and new Alaskan resident,  Tara Romansanta

There were collages … my new


You get the idea.

View on Instagram

The last few days we spend working on portraits, we had a day of rain and an epic storm come through as we left for Denver. Tornado watch and all. But just as we drove out from the cabin the skies opened up long enough for someone to yell …. STOP!!!!!!

And we shot the Aspens.



… maybe one of my new all time favorite Mini Instax Shots.


Photo by Corinna Robbins (she’s the bird who took my sunglass-wearing-headshot) who is about to embark on the coolest new adventure as a storyteller for a humanitarian non-profit.



last group shot  its time to head back to Denver but not to worry plenty more photo ops still left ….  credit: corinna robbins

Gore pass … rain slicked highways, dodging cars to take photos of the continental divide (perhaps not the safest choice in retrospect.)


Photo Sep 29, 11 42 52 AM

Big Shooter Coffee, Kremmling CO



We stayed in this loft  our last night in Denver. If you are looking for a cool place complete with a collection of mid century marvels, flea market finds, Super 8 cameras and a working Skee ball machine!!!! then you must stay with Danny and Christy at their church turned Mexican restaurant turned upcycled loft/home/AirBnB.   The night we arrived they were crafting homemade telegram-style save the date invite for their upcoming black themed Valentine’s Day wedding, not your standard DINK couple. They are also the brains behind Denver’s annual Zombie, EyeheartBrains. The win the cool couple award.


I wish you could all take a peek at our collection of photos on Flickr, just so you could see the depth of work from this Ahhhh-mazing group of photographers. For me this is when the real learning happens. When I see them infuse their photos with their own artistic touch. We talk about settings and post processing in a very open and honest discussion, no one ever hoards information or withholds inside info. I couldn’t ask for a more open group to learn from.

ScreenHunter_94 Oct. 09 11.14

More photos from the seven rolls I dropped off, next week, I’ll try to post a few more here too >> Flickr album #BHBSTEAMBOAT

Time to go offline for a bit so I can catch up on this series. For those of you who subscribe,  I’m going to turn off the email service for a week while I upload the missing weeks from Spring, which will include photos from my first trip to NYC this past April.  I don’t think you want 8 new posts clogging your inbox, am I right?

Have a great weekend and remember GOYA! (get off your a**) and GO SHOOT something! 

who are you // Week 38

Driving home from dinner last night the song ‘Who Are You’ starts to play.

me: “Ohhhh I love this song”

him: “Ugh, that is THE worst song!’

me: “No, its great, that synthesizer, beep boop boop… its an anthem”

him: “No, ‘My Generation’ IS an anthem'”

me: *shakes head (I own that move)

him: “This is worse than ‘Rocket Man'” (another song recently debated at casa modchik)

I turn it up louder. me: “I’m sorry what did you say?”

I serenade him the whole way home while entering my next existential crisis; Who am I?

Admittedly I am having a bit of an identity crisis lately. I mean I know who I am on most days, that’s easy, all I have to do is look around to find the answer.

  • you’re a homemaker, see laundry on the floor?
  • you’re a cook, see the dirty pans stacked in the sink?
  • you’re a mom, see that back to school reminder?
  • you’re a bookkeeper see all the reports on your desk?
  • you’re a wife hear the tone in his voice?
  • you’re a daughter see the missed call from mom?
  • you’re a sister see her text she just sent?
  • you’re a writer see the stacks of unfinished journals?
  • you’re a photographer, see the rolls of film in your fridge?

See what I put last? Why is THAT last when THAT is so much a part of who I am? I feel like that has been the case for the last five years, I have to do everything else first and if I have extra time I can do that, much like blogging. Funny because last time I checked photography has permeated into just about every role on that list. So I’m a photographer, but can I call myself a professional and more importantly is that what I want? According to the industry if I derived 80% of my income solely based on photography then I am most certainly a pro, but what about the rest of us that have to hold down regular jobs to support that dream. I guess that’s what they call the tipping point, the point in which you can’t do both with excellence.

I think I know why all this bubbled up, all week the folks at Creative Live have been broadcasting mini mentoring sessions during their annual Photo Week.  My coworkers were subjected to a few sessions while I reconciled bank accounts.

I fell in love with Jeremy Cowart and work (professionally and philanthropically) He sure is a gentle soul. I could not have been the only viewer BAWLING as he recounted learning of his brothers sudden death, while onstage, speaking a WPPAI. You can read about it here. He is the bomb people. I also found film photographer Ryan Muirhead completely endearing, I wanted to stuff him in my back pocket and take him home with me. Sidenote: if you closed your eyes you’d swear you were listening to Kourtney Kardashian’s partner Scott, not that I watch the show.) Ryan and Indie Film Lab owner Josh covered all the basics about film photography, if that wasn’t perfect timing with last weeks camera purchase I don’t know what is. Now they have me wanting to buy a Polaroid 180 pack camera. Curses. Some of my other favorite sessions were Sue Bryce and Felix Kunze on posing, Ian Shive on the business of photography I also enjoyed watching one of my favorite instagrammers Pei Ketron.

Sorry about that. By the weekend my mind was and still is swirling with ideas. Saturday was not for laundry it was for completely overhauling my portfolio and moving it to a new space (SquareSpace.) I finally stopped watching the rebroadcast late Saturday long enough to finally go eat. So what next. I guess I let my mind marinate in all that new info I just dumped in and wait. Or I get off my ever flattened bum and go shoot something. I don’t what the magic combination is but I know I just HAVE to move forward and see it through.

other stuff that happened.


I completely forgot to mention last week that Super A now has braces. She just looks like an entirely different kid. Not entirely sure why she needs braces, they look pretty darn straight to me but hey I’m not a dentist.

I’m only married to one.



I went grocery shopping and ran into my favorite guy, Andre. I wrote about him almost 4 years ago to the date, you can read it here. I happened to also have the same recipe on my radar for this week as I did back then, Steak Salad. I find it almost impossible to resist the meat department when I shop there. So much for going plant-based this week.

Processed with VSCOcam with c2 preset

I made this on Back-to-School night knowing I wouldn’t be home until late.

Provencal Chicken Stew 


Back to school 3rd grade

I attended my 8th back-to-school night, two more and then we are on to middle school. I did something I have never done before, skipped the volunteer sign up page. It wasn’t even a conscious thing. I realized days later that I didn’t have a class job. I still never told you why there is a lapse in these posts did I. Lets just say I filled my volunteering card for a while. I still have a a few draft posts I may get up before the year is out. I still can’t believe I made it to week 38.


I am slowly returning back to my habit of getting a second coffee when I arrive at my office, they serve honey vanilla lattes can you blame me? This week I have been option for green drinks as in no apples all veggies. You want to gauge your sugar addiction? Drink something that has no fruit in it. Gag. I am in trouble, I know I need to overhaul my diet and incorporate more plants less meat. I don’t know how to break it to the men in my life that there will be such things on the menu as tofu tacos. I could change this blog into a post-menopausal-plant-based-gluten-free-for-all.

Don’t think it couldn’t happen. What would I even call it? I would call it a blog long forgotten.

night sweatsI went to my doc and gave her the list, to here it was clear what was happening and she proceeded to write out scripts for HRT. I drove straight to the pharmacy drive-thru, thinking this is it, this will make everything better, but that night I did some Googling (I know I know) and I kept coming up with the same thing, I am somewhat young to start all of this and like anything else I can expect some sort of impact when I am putting something in my body, bio-identical or not.  I didn’t take anything instead I talked with a friend and she gave me her acupuncturists number. I took me and my coated tongue to see him Saturday. I was not what I expected, his last name is Moskovitz, not your traditional Chinese doc. I launched into a diatribe of ailments of all of them, the ear pain seem to bother him the most. We tried to pinpoint events but really this seems like years of degradation. I brought up the issues of my metal toxicity, my most recent tests showed another increase in my mercury levels. “Well that changes everything!” he said.  So now I not only have needles and a personalized Chinese herbs, I have to slowly get out all the metal in my teeth. You know I have my share of dental issues (read this if you don’t remember) I am happy to try this before the meds. I know I may get to a point where I may change my mind. But I feel that I am not doing everything I can to change my body with nutrition, exercise and stress management. I can’t sit there at my docs office complaining about my health knowing full well that often dont eat until 1pm (today being one of them) in the afternoon and if I do its a bar, followed my 8 hrs at a desk NEXT TO A WIRELESS ROUTER THAN CAN BUST THROUGH BRICK WALLS. DUH. I’m also going to embrace the chances going on and try not to fight so hard to resist the inevitable. I’m not any less of a woman if I can’t have a baby. I know its not in my best interest, in a way Mother Nature is looking out for me.  I’m going to spend more time on the mat while letting my brain constantly asses what is needed and what I can do without (besides a period.) I’ve arrived whether I am willing to admit it or not and I’m sure there will be a silver lining to this chapter and it won’t involve ‘adhesive wings.’

Processed with VSCOcam with a7 preset

Another clue I am officially advancing in age? I won’t stand in line for a new iPhone.


Nope. But I did update to the new iOS 8 so now I can swipe/type/text with the speed of my teen (sort of) try Swift Key App. I now get texts on my iPad, helpful when you have left the phone in the other room (not helpful to flattening butt) and I can also leave a group text party for that one time a year when I am wrangled into one.

Ok its time for me to push away, I need to grab my suitcase and dust off the cat and start filling it. I get on a plane in a few days to meet my Tofino birds.



I love film // week 37

Last week I talked about my newly rekindled love for film, roll film. I take Polaroids all the time, that’s a given, but what I haven’t explored is 120, medium format. How do I explain medium format to my non photog friends? It has to with with image sensors and size of the film. Basically boils down to bigger sensor = bigger image = more information = great details, especially when enlarging. Makes sense right? The larger the surface area the more ‘good stuff’ you can fit in a single image. 645 film (56 x 41.5mm) has 2.6 times the area of a full-frame 35mm (36 x 24mm.) I don’t have a full frame 35 mm camera to compare it do but its on my list as well. I still shoot for fun with my Canon Rebel G. A lot of time I shoot and then put it away for years.

Prime example. I brought the camera to Mammoth (Week 35) and when I got this roll back I found photos from 2011, and one from Oasis back in October, 2012. I brought it to New York with me in April but I never took more than 2 photos, that trip was all about the Fuji X 100S. These are technically not impressive, they won’t be especially with a built in flash. But they will be treasured all the same.

So all of these are from the same roll of expired 35mm Fuji film.



summer 2011

my cameras

my cameras fall 2012



that’s me at the ACE Hotel – Oct 2012


long beach airport

from my trip to NYC this past April











I have spent a lot of time talking with the guys at my local lab and reading reviews from the pros like Zack Arias. << I found Zach on Creative Live back in 2011 (which by the way is a tremendous resource, free live streaming tutorials) I keep going back to his blog in hopes of  keeping relevant in the photography world (he also favors the Instax mini and Fuji gear like I do). I find our esthetics to be similar, we like crisp clean and realism. I also dig his mantra, GOYA (Get Off Your A$$) and go shoot something, I think that goes hand in hand with my Get $hit Done mug dont’ you?

New baby

Anyway after a lot of bookmarking and debating I decided what I couldn’t afford and then started looking at cheaper options. I wanted the Contax 645 that Ashley Goodwin shoots but that is an investment, and I am not a full blown studio so I opted for another camera she test drove, the Mamiya 645AF. I had planned to go with a Mamiya 6 or 7 to force myself into manual everything but the internet had other planes and dangled this ebay listing that I just could not resist. And even though the seller had relatively low feedback, all positive I nervously committed to buy. A week later box in lap, I cut through the tape to find everything packed neatly in original boxes. Whew, no boxes of towels here. The camera was heavy, so much for lightening the load on my shoulder. I slowly pieced the camera together and figured out how to load this new long skinny film. Didnt take me long to burn through a roll (there are only 16 shots on 120.) First set of scans come back next week and I’m already eyeballing a new portrait lens.


13 years

I kept to myself most of the day. I watched the videos and debated if I should post, what more can I say never forget 9/11. I want my kids to know the impact that day made on the entire world but I still shelter the 8 year old from media that day. I still gasp at the videos.  I saw a few people tweet they were nervous about flying, others concerned over anniversary attacks that had yet to happen and I would be lying if I didn’t say I felt some anxiety too. I kept saying things to myself like, “stay present” and “be here.”  We can’t allow ourselves to live in a fear driven world. It isn’t healthy.  I credit a single book for getting me to that place. A book that helped me conquer an (unrelated) fear of flying.  We are capable of so much with less fear and more kindness. I highly recommend you download The Power of Now (Eckhart Tolle) onto your Kindle.

I thought about professing my love for New York, I wrote about the trip and then never posted it. I don’t know why. I guess it felt a little unpolished as if I would be disrespectful if I didn’t construct the perfect precap of my first time in the city that never sleeps. Give me a couple more days and I will get it up so you can see why New York and the people just blew me away.

That night I sat alone quietly in meditation trying not to think but just to send love and peace out to the world. Best 20 minutes spent, no food or drugs can being me that kind of peace.


I paid Lady Liberty a visit the day before, I have driven by her numerous times (MacArthur/E MacArthur Place) but this day I took the time to park and get out and admire in her wheatpaste glory. Unfortunately someone has scratched the heck out of her face but she’s pretty intact. We don’t get a whole lotta street art here behind the ‘orange curtain’ so I’m pretty happy. artist:killyrslf_1

closet with cat

got a suitcase down and she explored the top shelf (unrelated I need more colorful clothes)

design bloggers at home

spotted on the Anthropologie table

I finally picked picked up design bloggers at home, happy to see a friend Jonathan Lo (HappyMundane) featured! I met Jonathan a few years ago at a West Elm Event . He’s a local designer who shares a love for mid century modern. I really like his aesthetic and his use of strong lines and bold colors. His blog is very happy place and thats his room featured on the cover!  I think I need to hire him.

Too hot to cook


We’ve been dealing with triple digit temps and fires so I have been holed up all week. I keep hearing my sister in my head say “push away from the desk” … I confessed while in Mammoth that I am probably in the worst shape I have ever been, I think I used the word skinny fat, cuz lets be honest I am. I have hardly any muscle mass, age and lack of movement has taken care of that. I don’t eat anymore and I know that is not helping. I feel a bit overwhelmed and when I get this way I cant even think of eating or if I do I want something awful (as in awfully GOOD) like fig newtons. Do I hit the gym weeks before the onslaught of holidays? Yeah maybe I should. I have a follow up appointment next week with my naturopath and again I will list all my symptoms (you ready? … insomnia, night sweats, palpitations, mental fog, irritability, leg/ankle swelling and anxiety) to which she will again ask, again, how often are you exercising? I will look at the floor. Followed by ‘have you thought about HRT? Groan.

So there’s my motivation for getting back in shape, staving off the inevitable closing of this bun oven and blogger butt. Another reason to get back into film. More film = less editing = better butt. Yeah. I can get behind that.

All of you GO OUTSIDE or at least look up from that phone and stretch your neck … take a few deep breaths while you are at it.

Let’s all feel better shall we?