Girl Scout Cookie Giveaway

The time has finally come, my daughter is old enough to sell Girl Scout cookies. I was a Brownie once too, infact my uniform fits my daughter perfectly, she recently wore it in a local parade. I have memories of thin mints in the freezer and calling family on the telephone asking them to help me reach my goal so I could earn a prize. I’m sure the top prize was nothing like the one’s they have now (iPad).  Today they even have a Cookie App Finder, (Android ver) yep an app that helps connect you to your next box of thin mints. But you gotta hurry COOKIE SALES END THIS SUNDAY 3/9. Just as my mom did back in day we stock up the freezer knowing that the middle of summer I am going to crave a frozen thin mint. To this day I prefer to eat all my mints frozen (check out this SNL parody on buying from little girls in tablecloth dresses). My daughter is now old enough to sell cookies door to door. The day we picked up our cases to sell she begged me to take her around the neighborhood. I told her we could probably fit in a few before it was dark. We approach our first door and all of the sudden she stops, unable to inch any further.


We get about 10 feet from the door and she stiffens up. I push her a bit closer. Ring the doorbell, c’mon. She shakes her hear no. Ugh, fine I reach for the doorbell and add a swift knock for good measure. Fists clenched I could tell this was going to be a little shaky. Our neighbors mom slowly opened the door, mumble mumble…. the woman is probably in her 80’s and she cant understand one word. I grab a box of cookies out of the bag and wave them around. She smiles ‘ohhhhhhh cookies yes I would like one!’ I smile at Ava, we collect our 4 dollars and thank her for her purchase. See they sell themselves, I tell her. Next time you don’t have to say anything, just show them the box. She’s still not convinced this is for her. We move on but we don’t get very far. You see the trouble with selling to your neighbors is that sometimes you get invited in and sometimes you end up talking so long that the sun goes down and then you go home and eat your inventory.


Girls Scout Cookie Giveaway

Cookie sales are ending this weekend, that means this is your last chance to stock up on those thin mints and those tasty Samoas, I mean Caramel DeLites. If you live in an area that doesn’t have cookies you are in luck Girl Scouts of Orange County sent me a CASE OF COOKIES to give away to one lucky reader. I will be covering the shipping personally I am going to limit this giveaway for people in the United States. 

You will receive a box of the following:boxes_

    • Thin Mints
    • Caramel DeLites (Samoas)
    • Peanut Butter Sandwich (Do-Si-Dos) (2)
    • Peanut Butter Patties (Tagalongs)
    • Shortbread (Trefoils)
    • Chocolate Chip Shortbread GLUTEN FREE
    • Lemonades (2)
    • Cranberry Citrus Crisps (2)
    • Thanksalots


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Holiday Inspired by Minted #GIVEAWAY

Next weekend marks the end of Daylight Savings Time and the beginning of the holiday season. I know, I’m with you, seriously how can that be? I’m still squeezing out the last few crops from our vine tomatoes, while we enjoy days over 80 degrees. My kids will be broiling as I pose them in their winters best because come hell or high water I WILL get my cards completed before Thanksgiving. This year I’m looking to Minted to make that happen, between their Pinterest boards and their design blog Julep I think I can actually pull this holiday thing off. One thing I really like about Minted is that you can upload your photo so you have a quick look at each design using your actual photo. It really helps you see wether your photo will work within each card design. Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 6.01.53 PM In addition to 32+ pages of card designs,  there are entire sections filled with party planning from the paper straws to bunting. I had no idea they offered personalized stationary and art prints as well. What struck me the most was that all of the product featured in the marketplace was outsourced by artists from all over the world, 43 countries to be exact. Designs are submitted and then voted onto the pages of Minted.  You have to love a place that gives an artist a chance to share their work on such a global scale.

“We uncover design genius through ongoing design competitions. At Minted, all that matters is good design. Designers submit, and the Minted community votes to tell us what to sell” –

More ideas

Minted’s blog, julep features posts on design, inspiration and DIY. They feature minted styled parties like this adorable Mod Cow birthday.


My favorite section is Home Decorating under Eye Candy by SFgirlbybay. I’m a fan of Victoria’s and she features the same eclectic mix of designers finds for the home.

Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 8.14.14 PM


To help you get started on your holiday projects Minted is giving away $50.00 gift certificate that can be used towards the purchase of your holiday cards or invitations. All you need to do is leave a comment to enter. Good luck! Giveaway ends Sunday 11/3 12PM PST.

Sponsored by the fine folks at

Polaroid 300 Camera Giveaway {Closed}

It’s been awhile since our last giveaway and I have been so enamoured with Polaroid cameras lately I thought let’s GIVE ONE AWAY! How does that sound? This time we are going to give one lucky winner a Brand New POLAROID 300 Camera and 2 packs of Polaroid 300 film!

Polaroid 300 Camera Giveaway

One of the things I brought to BlogHer a couple weeks ago was my Polaroid camera. I have a Mio I found used on eBay years ago because I thought my kids would enjoy the instant gratification of it all. I quickly realized that this was an expensive toy at .70 a photo for my kids so I repossessed it. I will say that via eBay or Amazon you can find better prices by buying Fuji Instax film in bulk. Instax mini works in Polaroid cameras, including the Mio and the Polaroid 300 and vice versa (the 300 film works in Instax cameras).

hard rock hotel SD   Blondie - HRH San Diego

9th floor balcony of Hard Rock Hotel SD and Blondie as you exit the elevators.

Polaroid cameras are my secret weapon at parties. Here’s the Ace of Cakes cake at Sparklecorn and the my local peeps Whoorl and Tera Rae at CheeseburgHer party.

   whoorl & tera rae

I whip this thing out and its an INSTANT hit… sorry I couldn’t help myself.

You just have to see for yourself. The color saturation is beautiful and they don’t fade with time. There are all sorts of different ways you can use your Polaroid camera, here are a few ideas. 1. Use as an ice breaker, leave a camera on a table at a party and let guests play. 2. A take home memento from a school event like Grandparent’s Day. 3. Make a small frame and use the photo in a holiday craft. 4. Take a photo of yourself or your business and insert into a clear luggage tag. 5. At a wedding have guests take a photo and sign the bottom with well wishes. 6. Take photos at Halloween party and pin to a board so everyone can vote on costumes. 7. Use on vacation for an instant souvenir you can take home with you. 8. Start a client wall, I am now taking a Polaroid at each photo shoot and placing them on a special board in my studio to remind me of all the wonderful people I have met. To enter all you have to do to enter is leave a comment below. I won’t make you tweet or like our facebook page but if you would like to that would be swell too.  I’d appreciate it.

Polaroid 300 GIVEAWAY ends August 31st at 11:59 PST. Winner will be announced 9/1/2011. Good Luck!

disclosure: the giveaway is not sponsored by anyone else other than me.

Feel Your Boobies

Did I get your attention with the word boobies? Good. We all need a reminder once and awhile.  One thing that happens to all of us when we are busy is we forget to do things like… go to your daughter’s open house (yep I missed this one), pay the AMEX bill (yep this too), tell your husband the IRS agents visit was rescheduled (guilty) and other things that can be life changing like feeling your boobies.

I had planned to write about Breast Cancer for so many reasons. September always reminds me of pink ribbons, lost friends and the strong support of the sisterhood. And as I sat down to write this story I realized something. I could not remember the last time I felt my boobies! How did that happen? How could I have forgotten this little act of self love and I mean that in the most non-sexual way people although there is nothing wrong with having your partner help feel you boobies. In fact I think the more hands the better, I digress. We’re talking about early detection that may save your life and don’t try to convince yourself that it can not happen to you. All sorts of people are diagnosed with breast cancer. It has no bias and shows no leniency for the young, healthy and fit.

For example the founder of Leigh Hurst was a runner and a triathlete with no history of breast cancer in her family yet she was diagnosed with stage 1. Through her own personal battle again breast cancer she launched a campaign reminding young women the importance of “feeling your boobies”.

“As a young survivor myself, ‘feeling my boobies’ is the whole reason I was diagnosed at age 33. In addition, we are a non-profit with 100% of our profits go back into our campaign to help us continue sending the “feel your boobies” reminder to young women.” – Leigh

Another women I knew was also at the top of her game and incredibly healthy was Ronne.

cue: grabbing a box of Kleenex because this part…. well it’s super hard for me to write about.

You remember last month when I wrote that post about finding out I was pregnant with my now 4 yr old and all the wonderful support I had through the sisterhood on the Ovusoft forums? Within that group was a very special woman and her name was Ronne Landi Shomo. Deep breath. Ronne passed away when she was only 39 years old. Her daughter wasn’t even 2 yet.  Towards the end of Ronne’s pregnancy she noticed that one breast was considerably larger than the other. Ultrasounds revealed a small tumor but the doctors assured her that this was common as her breasts were preparing to lactate. They aspirated the tumor and told her there were no cancer cells present. She gave birth to her daughter in December of 2003 and the tumor had grown considerably since her last biopsy. A few tests later would reveal that is was actually malignant. I can remember the day she told our little close knit group. Of course we were all stunned, shocked, saddened and speechless. Of all people to get breast cancer this was surreal. Ronne was the healthiest woman I knew. She ate virtually no refined food, hardly any carbs or sugar and had guns the size of a professional body builder.

Ronne Landi Shomo

And she was so smart, so funny and always told you exactly the way things were, no candy coating. I would call her up frequently just to get her take on my life, she knew about my painful yearning to have another baby and the struggle to be a full time working mom. She would never allow me to wallow in self pity, showing weakness was not her thing.

I miss her all the time.

Every butterfly and hummingbird that crosses my path makes me wonder if she’s still here.


Ronne was the first person I knew who had a blog it was called the butterfly: metamorph the journey back. Inspired by her desire to share and connect with people Ronne wrote about being in the company of woman, lessons in cancer and my favorite topic she called time suckers (know any?). In fact it was Ronne who encouraged me to start my first blog the preggo modchik. I don’t think she was able to read it as often as she could because as my pregnancy progressed so did her cancer. By this time it had spread to her lungs, spine and eventually her brain. A few days before Ronne left us I was given a precious gift. I was granted time to spend with her alone in her hospice room. If you have ever spent time with a person who is approaching that moment where death is only days or hours away then you know what I mean by using the word to describe this time as a gift.  The words are hard to find to describe what its like to hold someones hand who looks at you and says I am not ready. In the reflections of her eyes I could see my own mortality that there was a beginning a middle and now definitely an end. What I did in the middle was my choice. I could spend it with time suckers or surround myself with people that mattered people like Ronne. The only thing that gave her comfort that day was placing her hands on my slightly swollen belly. I was two weeks away from having my amniocentesis but she told me she didn’t care she knew I was having a girl. Two weeks later I found out she was right but now it was too late to tell her.

Linz & Ronne

Ever since her diagnosis I vowed to do something each year to honor Ronne. It started with joining Susan G Komen’s Race For The Cure. I walk the race each year for her and for the family she was forced to leave behind. It is amazing to be surrounded by so many women, families and survivors! Its always a heart wrenching experience but it lifts me up just knowing that we are doing something to help prevent another women from losing their battle to breast cancer.

If you want to join in walk in your area or join me this Sunday you have one last chance to register if you do it by 4pm today click here. If you don’t want to get up early may I suggest Sleeping in for The Cure? Yep you can do that or heck I’ll walk for you just make a donation on my Race page here.

I want everyone to do me a favor and share this story with one person. Come back and tell me about it to be entered to win a Feel Your Boobies t-shirt! Winner can choose their size.*

EDITED TO ANNOUNCE WINNER! - Congrats Adrian! see my comment below yours for your options!

Whatever you do just please promise me that you will do ONE thing.





(and beware of time suckers)

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Feel Your Boobies quote/image used with permission. All rights reserved.